Real Nice Vice

Real Nice Vice

... getting his dick trapped in a chastity cage by a hacker. This whole fake story skem was set up to promote his comedy standup show, Back in the Trenches. 

How did he do it?

He told Vice that he and his partner decided to get a Cellmate chastity cage to spice up their love life. He then said it ended up being hacked and held for ransom for around $1,000 in Bitcoin. After paying the ransom, the hacker started to ask for more. In the fictional, Lewis said he used a bolt cutter to free his jewels.

Without researching anything, Vice picked up the story and published it. The story went viral in an instant, being picked up by more news publications. The best part of this story is Cellmate, the chastity cage’s creators, came out with a statement saying they fixed the hacker vulnerabilities and made their system more secure. Nobody has any clue what vulnerabilities they were talking about, considering the hacker was fake.

So why did he do it?

Lewis’s whole goal was to promote his comedy standup show in which he did when he released a video this week explaining the entire skem. It is a brilliant video that shows the reality of news today.

Since the video’s release, his first two shows sold out, and many more tickets have been sold. The video has also exposed the fact that the Vice journalist and others that reported on the event did not do their research and just took Lewis on his word. This has angered many journalists who praised the story, and it’s super funny them trying to blame it on Lewis for tricking Vice.

This isn’t the first time Lewis has gotten a news publication to print a fake story. He has done it so often in his native Australia that he has been called a “serial pest.” He also has made an appearance on ABC nightline news posing as a fake photographer. 

Lewis exposes what’s wrong with the news media today. They are all in it for clicks and are willing to take the most outlandish stories without questioning it or doing any research. He was able to troll the whole planet just because he found a lazy journalist. The moral of the story, Lewis is a genius for doing this and for how many times he has been able to troll the news media.

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