PunksTalk with Non-FungibleTony (NFT) @tonyherrera

PunksTalk with Non-FungibleTony (NFT) @tonyherrera

Tony Herrera is an absolute NFT badass. From claiming dozens of V1 CryptoPunks in 2017, to developing DegenArcade in the here and now, Tony has been “grabbing Web3 by the balls!” IYKYK.

Hearing the thought process of someone who was so early to the space is infinitely valuable. Learning from trailblazers like Tony is the best way to create similar success for yourself. Click below for the full convo:

Writer and Redlion's editor-in-chief. Musician, 🥁 streamed over 100,000,000 times playing for Caught A Ghost, Magic Bronson and more. 2017 Experian hack victim... made the benefits of web3 easy to understand. Listening is his superpower.

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