Proof of Beauty's $LONDON Gift

Proof of Beauty's $LONDON Gift

“Probably one of the first NFTs dropped in the new age post the launch of London hard fork” as claimed by Proof of Beauty is our beautifully crafted $London NFTs. The latest churn of events have fully been around the historic launch of EIP-1559 and the impact it would bring on the gas fees. So, $London is looked up to be a highly experimental project to celebrate and invites you to be part of this experience”.

The $London Gift Shoppe offered such cool colours of Tilesets depicted in one of the most epic generative art forms for 1559 $London. Of course, we have to make sure that the special moments of the launch do not go unnoticed, a gift was necessary!

 But strictly each wallet could receive only one gift - fair enough.

So before the party begins, you should have had $London tokens to be participants in the 🏙🌙💃🏻 $LONDON Night Club. “The DAO is aimed to govern the use of the pool of $London tokens and fund similar experimented crypto experiences.”

Users have expressed they are still in awe of the NFTs they have minted. It was fun when the users were asked to participate in naming the peculiar 8888 NFTs. 30 NFTs have unique handwritten names and the rest were pseudo-random.

For the Core Tech Lovers: Since you have read this far, let’s dive a little deeper into the tech behind generated arts. It is quite a journey. they have used the “Wave function Collapse (WFC)” along with Randomness and noise. WFC has been used by video game makers for generating multi-dimensional landscapes.

The Creator describes it as “a particularly powerful and adaptable algorithm, WFC at its core is simply a 'sudoku' solver on steroids. Instead of resolving numbers in a grid, it resolves visual 'tiles'. These 'tiles' in games would be dirt paths, grassland, forest, and castles.”

WFC as the base. Inputting a set of tiles with different colours on the edges, and tries to match only similar colour edges together. What is actually drawn within the tile is up to visual design/interpretation.

As per the artist, the bulk of work was put into creating a tile generator, a system that feeds into it, simple rules and extrapolating all the tiles.

Proof of Beauty’s official website published a detailed story of the complete Tech in detail.

Fun Fact: Meanwhile, when all were busy minting and excited about the NFT alone, not even realising that $London was trading at 100x minting price for some time!!, Call it low liquidity or Tokenomics, It achieved its purpose.

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