PRIMAL: Unearthing the Essence of Human Origins Through Generative Art

PRIMAL: Unearthing the Essence of Human Origins Through Generative Art

In a captivating exploration of human nature, David Seven alongside TENDER invites us to embark on a journey deep into the core of our collective history with their latest generative art series, "PRIMAL." This series serves as a contemporary visual interpretation of the origins of fundamental elements that have shaped our existence.

A Visual Ode to Human Origins

"PRIMAL" delves into the symbols, landscapes, tribes, and experiences that have left an indelible mark on human history. Drawing inspiration from the earliest forms of communication and artistic expression, this generative series mirrors the ineffable awareness that set our species apart from the natural world.

It harks back to the instinctual beginnings of visual art, from hand markings on cave walls to the rudimentary objects of ancient cultures. These seemingly abstract expressions represent the spark of early human consciousness, bridging the gap between times and places, and unveiling our true nature.

Tribalism as a Defining Characteristic

At its core, "PRIMAL" serves as a profound study of tribalism—a defining characteristic of humanity. It seeks to understand how the foundation of our culture can be traced back to something as seemingly trivial as a handprint on a rock. The series explores how early humans gathered in groups for mutual support and growth, paralleling contemporary digital tribalism where communities share commonalities and a natural desire to belong together.

"PRIMAL" is more than just a collection of artworks; it's a narrative that unfolds within the uncharted frontiers of Web3. Reflecting upon contemporary digital tribalism, David Seven draws intriguing parallels with the ancient tribes of prehistoric origins. The act of adorning cave walls with hand markings, seemingly rudimentary expressions, represents the first tangible symbol of human form and consciousness. These markings served as the bedrock for tribal cultures, evolving into symbols, rituals, and languages—complex conduits for transmitting wisdom from one generation to the next.

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The visual narrative of "PRIMAL" follows the lineage of what David Seven calls Tribes of this World. These Tribes are rooted in primal energy and emerge from seven distinct Roots, each guiding the development of a unique set of symbols, rituals, and culture. From raw archetypes deeply connected to the Earth to worshippers of impalpable forces, these Tribes evolve and transform, resulting in a rich and expressive visual lexicon. Each Tribe is influenced by landscapes and the whims of nature, shaping their identity based on the colors and nuances of the land they inhabit.

The Inner Path and Technical Approach

The exploration of "PRIMAL" is not limited to the external world; it delves into the inner journey as well. David Seven incorporates elements within the collection that evoke the concept of the 'third eye,' sparking a dialogue about the boundless realms of the human mind, both ancient and contemporary.

The technical approach behind "PRIMAL" involves the use of multiple GLSL shaders interlaced using Python scripts. This framework allows for real-time interaction with the algorithm, guiding randomized parameters to the edge of the breaking point. Each artwork is created through an intricate process, actively engaging with the program to produce individual pieces that reflect the artist's vision while remaining open to the discoveries brought by the algorithm.

What's Next: Launching 'PRIMAL' on the Blockchain

"PRIMAL" is a visceral and profound exploration of beginnings. It draws parallels between digital culture and tribalism, raising questions and sparking conversations about the essence of humanity. This theme is expected to continue influencing David Seven's work in the years to come.

With 250 artworks set to be released on the Ethereum blockchain, "PRIMAL" stands as a testament to the artist's dedication to exploring our shared tribal roots, our yearning to connect, and our eternal pursuit of understanding the essence of being human. These artworks are scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 3rd, with Tender Pass holders having access at 10:00 am EST and public minting opening at 12:00 pm EST.

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