Pranksy interview

Pranksy interview

 Ever wanted a little window in the thought process of a notorious NFT trader? Well here you have it.

Part 1 has had 772 unique listeners in less than a day! Part 2 is now here :D My podcast with @AndrewSteinwold concludes today! #NFTs #History The response so far has been incredible, I hope I don't alienate you all now!

Pranksy gave an interview on ZIMA RED podcast around the end of August, that was just published this week in 2 parts. The podcast has been very successful with well over 1000 plays. The runtime was over 3hrs, so if you didn't get a chance to listen to the whole thing, here is a TLDL version.

Pranksy is 29 years old, married, and also a father. Due to some health issues when he was a child and some heavy treatments you can hear his voice sounds a bit light.

He explains his beginning hustling online was by taking advantage of the bonus offers in online casinos.

Then by reducing the amount of time he spent doing that he started following Carlini’s advice on the NFT space.

The first venture was CK. Right on the CK craze and with the space full of noobs he profited heavily using simple tricks. On CSC he leveraged the fact that he could buy massive amounts of packs with ships etc and undercut the market by selling assets on the cheap side when the next same ship would be 2x or more from what he was asking for it. Pranksy flipped at values where he went positive of ships sales but was eons lower than the old guard prices, So this gave him quick returns to keep going on it and also a massive inventory to flip pretty much risk-free. The CSC old guard had lots of ETH and spent mass buying packs and didn't enjoy Pranksy’s tactics so they clashed a little.

Moving to F1 Delta time, after a hot tip by CocoBear he was able to eliminate the RNG from crates just by monitoring the feed and sending transactions faster. By the end he was +100 eth and 1500 assets left to sell.

On Avastars he was just minting good lookers and listing them on OpenSea. Moderats liked a lot of them and was heavily buying them. He took a big hit by Guardians Unchained because he got addicted to the animations of the packs, but the cards were not viable and meta so prices plummeted 90%. He commented that the GU project is dead and will be really hard to recover. On GarbagePailKids he bought tons of packs and the demand was really high so he instaflipped those for a total of 30k profit.

Some notable projects he missed were Cryptopunks, Decentraland and a few others.

About his cryptoart and cryptoart in general.

He started off as a sceptic and created some art to mock the hype around cryptoart which sold really well.

While building his stack he had to cash out ETH regularly at different prices, low and high, to support real-life needs and expenses. If that wasn't the case he would have an even bigger roll. You will be surprised to hear that he is not a crypto maximalist, he is looking at the challenges that have to be overtaken for crypto to be viable as currency everywhere.

He is at a very good place now and NBA TopShot is where he is applying all the knowledge he amassed so far to set up his flag. His current goals now after buying a house and not having to worry about daily expenses is to make 1000 ETH and maybe retire early.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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