Pranksy Advent Calendar

Pranksy Advent Calendar

For those of you who live inside a cave, Pranksy made a beautiful advent calendar (Designed by bananakin), with 200 copies for 1 ETH each. 48 hrs later they were all gone!

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The prop was that for each day,starting December 1 until Christmas, 25th of December owners will receive an NFT from different artists or projects daily. With some heavy names joining such as JOY, Alotta Money, Avastars, Sandbox and many more.

IT'S CHRISTMAS! The #pranksyadvent calendar is here! Created by @bananakin!

Receive a unique #NFT every day from Dec 1st-25th, 📸 will be taken on Dec 1st and all remaining calendars will be 🔥.#NFTs include @AvaStarsNFT@CryptoKitties & many more!

It's been a crazy day, I can officially announce that @TheSandboxGame@terra_virtua and @NonFunGerbils are all making unique NFT's for the #pranksyadvent Calendar! I've also gathered together 15+ artists so far from my little black book!

🎅So I was chatting to @j1mmyeth about #pranksyadvent and my plan to give out 200 of my own @AvaStarsNFT's to this December, he just virtually slammed his fist on the voxel table, and declared that the @AvaStarsNFT team will be airdropping them instead!🎅

I have tried and failed to collaborate with this man all year, but I can finally announce... that we are bringing 🎄🎅🎁 JOY @JohnOrionYoung to all #Pranksyadvent calendar holders this Christmas! 🎁🎅🌲

Yes this is reality, JOY x Pranksy Advent 2020

So we kind of sold out, i have a few more (less than 5) to list up tomorrow at some point, but as of right now, the only way to take part in #Pranksyadvent is via the secondary market:

Good luck, you know i love a good flip!

Twitter was full of pranksy calendar everywhere and happy buyers as you can see.


Of course our beloved Gazette readers could not be left out!

So we secured one Pranksy Advent Calendar to be gifted to a lucky reader, only owners from Gazette #10 and #11 participate in our draw. So you need to secure ownership of this issue by Dec 1st to participate in this exciting Raffle.

<center>Buy Issue #11</center>

The whole Calendar idea was very nice, and it’s great to see how fast the community came together to help create and buy the calendar! Truly remarkable!

Plagiarising Pranksy here, there is no other space where a project like that could exist let alone sell out for 100k! Seriously impressive. So after conquering peak after peak what is next for Pranksy?

Well of course is coming soon and it feels like it will be YUGE. As always we are excited for what is coming!

Good luck to everyone participating in the raffle and enjoy your 25 days of NFTs!

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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