NFT space has been on full throttle for the last couple of months and infrastructure development, marketplace, interoperability is widely discussed as we see gas prices over the moon. Let’s dive straight into those topics which either lacked enough impact or were due to relevance for our community.

 1. NFTX just released a new decentralised NFT marketplace and purchased the domain “.io” and are now live It aims to create the most liquid decentralised NFT marketplace with its NFTX Protocol. Users can stake their NFTs, Create liquidity pairs and farm with them.

Additionally, they are integrating with EVM compatible chains. They are looking for active contributors as well.

Read more about their release here

 2. Bored ApeYacht Club released their 2.0 roadmap this week. There is already a lot of hype and speculation of what all the 2.0 roadmap entails. You can try and figure out the MD vs MMI part. Rest is comprehensive.

- Trezor Hunt

- 1st Annual ApeFest (NYC 10/31-11/6)

- BAYC+MAYC Mobile Competition

- Trial of Jimmy the Monkey (MD vs MMI Prologue)

- MD vs MMI Battles

- BAYC/MAYC 3D Models

- Sandbox Miami 2035 + BAYC VX Apes

- Miami Clubhouse (IRL)

- DAO BAYC Ecosystem

You can try and figure out the MD vs MMI part. 

3. Sorare has been steadily growing under the radar with their Fantasy Football league NFT cards. It has partnered with major clubs of European league giants like EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue. This week they announced the raise of $680 Million in a Series B led by SoftBank. When Basketball, Football and F1 see collaborations, it’s a sign of smart money is flowing into it.

Read here for in-depth analysis. 

4. Time announced TIMEPieces NFT collection this week featuring 40 artists including the likes of Justin Aversano, FVCKRENDER, Emonee LaRussa among many. 

Time president Keith Grossman surprised his team with an announcement of this experimental community initiative. 

“TIMEPieces celebrates the work of artists, which has been a core aspect of the TIME brand for nearly 100 years.” Keith quoted. During its release Gas spiked to an astronomical level of 10K Gwei. The launch happened and sold out in 1 min. Currently trading on Opensea with a floor of 0.6 ETH at the time of writing.

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