NFT Rewind 2021

NFT Rewind 2021

Summarising all the things that happened in 2021 for NFTs and crypto is quite a challenge. We hit multiple All-Time-Highs (ATHs) for Ethereum, Bitcoin and altcoins; NFT gaming got a lot of attention; the mainstream showed continuously-growing interest; and so much more!

Every week, the Redlion Gazette reported on all the important events, with the most significant ones making it to the cover. Therefore, looking at all the Redlion Gazette covers of 2021 gives you a compact but striking overview of what happened throughout this exciting year.

Our Art Curator Little Fortunes hand-picked some of her favorite covers. She gives a short summary of what they’re based on in this 16-minute video. If you’re looking for a refresher of what happened, or an introduction to some important events of 2021, then this one’s for you!

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