NFT Paris Recap: Web3's the Good, the Bad, and the Early

NFT Paris Recap: Web3's the Good, the Bad, and the Early

NFT Paris ‘23 just ended. For those web3 enthusiasts who are NOT jet-lagged and/or nursing a hangover, let’s get in to what you missed.

The Exhibits

Perhaps there is no better setting for a cultural exposition than Paris, "the city of the arts.” Within this romanticized setting, the Grand Palais Éphémère was the venue for the official convention. The NFT Paris team put on a wide variety of exhibits, and panels–it was a who’s who of JPEGs!

The Good

Fine art was celebrated; intelligent discourse was broadcast to the world. The highlight of this was Misan Harriman, one of the world’s foremost photographer’s (and friend to Redlion), having a discussion with Brigitte Macron, first lady of France. Later on, Mrs. Macron became an NFT holder! 

The Bad

Mon Dieu, le Queue!” Unfortunately, the line to get into the Grand Palais was absurdly long. This is both a good sign that the event was popular and a bad sign that the planners weren’t able to properly predict the amount of interest the convention would receive. 

There was an absolute cringe Pudgy Penguin and DeGodsNFT party! The event highlighted the lack of racial and gender diversity in the NFT space. Imagine starting up your dance floor by playing “N!@gas in Paris”... and the only apparent presence of people of color at that party are the pre-recorded voices of Jay-Z and Kanye! Well, that's what happened. To be fair to the party, despite its “broey energy,” there was an undeniable enthusiasm and community spirit within the event. 

The Early

From the words of our founder, Redlioneye, “it’s clear that the event and space are still discovering its target demographic.  No one knows who is going to show up and who is interested.” The official panels did a great job of having insightful and diverse presenters on the dais. Some of the trends people talked about were a refocus on 1/1 art from known artists. Others mentioned that the lack of PFP interest might be a bottom signal for that sector of the NFT space. The fact that there was so much to discover, so many false assumptions about attendance, and a lack of consensus about NFT trends among experts, shows that web3 is still in its early days!

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