NBATopShot Explosion

NBATopShot Explosion

For the past weeks, TS has been dominating on the Cryptoslam rankings and breaking moment sale record after record even on the same day!

The secondary market has also been on fire! Series 1 moments are flying off the shelves, being sold as soon as they get listed. Very few available moments for sale from the Cosmic set left in the market.

Prices are at an ATH and keep going up relentlessly so is the massive FOMO from users. The market went from 500 daily buyers to 4500 in a matter of days. Is 4500 a lot or are the newcomers still early on it?

Looking at the data and taking into consideration factors like NBA fanbase, demographics, lockdown, crypto boom then it’s rather safe to incline towards the latter. Still early in on it would be the educated guess.

So the record broke from 35k which was for #1 Ja Morrant to 47500$ for a Lebron sold by Pranksy only to be broken a few hours later with a 71,455$ sale of a Lebron James again. Incredible stuff!

The demand is so great that all the base series 2 packs have been sold out for days now, and the cool cats packs are being dropped carefully while stress testing the network to ensure a more robust pack drop experience in the future.

For sure there are a lot of things to improve on, but Dapper seems to be doing things the right way and setting up strong foundations.

One could argue that this is the most healthy form of adoption. People just love the product, they don’t necessarily care what’s under the hood. Like Andreas used to point out, in the early 90’s in order to send an email it was complicated for the average user but once it was easy people were using the protocols without even realizing it or caring.

The same we see here, many of these users never had an NFT before, many don’t even know that they own an NFT or what is an NFT, and some are getting informed and educated about it, which is great.

Who would have guessed that basketball fans will have a headstart in this great new digital economic era?

What is even more impressive is that NBATopShot is the first application that is running on Flow Blockchain. Naturally, since we were bullish on TS from early on,  we are extremely bullish on Flow Blockchain. It will definitely be a focus point for 2021.

The rise in popularity has an avalanche-like effect and is directly correlated with the prices rocketing up high.

Users are introducing their circle in on it and what more enticing and alluring intro than a story of 100$ turned to 10k$ by trading moments?

Just imagine the excitement of a new user finding out about TopShot and what NFTs are. Double excitement! It is also great that this is the first example of NFTs they see as they can understand collectability value and also the standard is really high in all aspects of the product, which creates a great standard for the whole industry.

The project is still in open beta and there are a lot of kinks to be worked out still, so new users should be understanding when things break for now, and it’s more helpful to provide feedback than trolling on discord.

Of course, our readers are no strangers to TS since we covered that project super early on and have been since then. A nice tool to use is where you can look up an evaluation of your whole account in floor prices.


Latest NBATopShot record sale a Zion Williamson HOLO #1 for 100,000$

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