The 5 Most Exciting World Cup NFTs

The 5 Most Exciting World Cup NFTs

With the World Cup around the corner, expect to see loads of football-themed NFTs, most completely worthless. Genuine value is out there, though, and some collections even offer exciting, physical-world utility.

#1 FIFA+ Collect

FIFA+ Collect allows football fans to collect World Cup memories (goals, art, imagery and iconic moments) in “packs.” Every collected pack enters the owner into a weekly draw. Prizes include: all expenses paid trips to Qatar, World Cup finals tickets, spending money, free air travel and more. If that sounds appealing, the NFTs are available on FIFA+ (powered by Algorand) starting at just $4.99

#2 Visa and

Visa Masters of Movement

Eyes might roll at Visa getting into Web3 but these are some of the most creative sports NFTs ever created. Visa is auctioning five “goals” with a twist. Each artwork shows the weaving pattern of the goalscorer's movements before they scored, creating a mesmeric painting designed to showcase the beauty of football. Fans will also be able to create their own NFT artwork on an interactive pitch installed at the World Cup.

#3 Budverse

Budweiser’s offering is deceptively deep. Collectors mint a virtual scoreboard tied to a team of their choice. This will track the team’s performance, offering a rich set of data and statistics. It also grants access to a penalty-taking mini-game with a leaderboard and prizes. Everyone involved gets a Budweiser merchandise kit and the chance to win VIP Word Cup tickets.

#4 ZKSpace Football Metaverse


ZKSpace is a popular high-speed, low gas platform bringing gaming mechanics to World Cup NFTs. People will be able to create, mint and collect NFTs corresponding to a team. If that team goes on to win the competition, everybody gets a share of the prize pot. Anyone can mint, and the value of the NFT doesn’t affect the size of the prize. This is a truly democratized competition and one of the most exciting.

#5 Shiba Inu and Block Forest

Viewed by some as an attempt to resuscitate Shib’s flagging price, this collection nonetheless offers some cool features. Collectors buy and trade players and countries (you can also get players for free after collecting certain flags). Although it’s less innovative than the other additions here, the Shiba Inu/Block Forest collection has a great nostalgic feel: it functions like the World Cup sticker collections of old!

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