F1 Delta Sales (?)

F1 Delta Sales (?)


The Bahrain edition car was sold for ~126 ETH (2,650,000 REVV) to SFLL.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 track was sold for ~434 ETH (9,081,752.4764 REVV) to metakovan.

Congratulations for the sales!

However you know how we like to poke the bee’s nest. F1 Delta time has been accused in the past for fabricated record sales in order to boost their public image. We really hope that’s not the case here.

Let’s all wear a tinfoil hat and have a closer look at the 434 ETH sale. Here is a tweet thread by the owner

Here is a nonfungible.com valuation for the metapurse mentioned above.

Does he have some personal gain from the news spreading?

From f1 Delta Time we can see that Twitter engagement is extremely low even after the sales.

While these sales stole the spotlight, the real gem of a sale went relatively unnoticed.

Congrats to Gmoney for acquiring a highly sought after Zombie Cryptopunk.

Congrats to Nate for a sweet 32 ETH sale!

Very interesting collection of very rare NFTs in his wallet!

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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