Michael Reeder's Cyber Bandits: A Year of Artistic Rebellion and Celebration

Michael Reeder's Cyber Bandits: A Year of Artistic Rebellion and Celebration

Known for his vibrant graffiti, realism, and urban contemporary art, Michael Reeder has successfully carved a niche for himself in the NFT art scene. June 2023 marked the first anniversary of his widely admired NFT collection - the Cyber Bandits. To celebrate this milestone, Reeder orchestrated a week brimming with excitement and appreciation for the Cyber Bandit holders, filled with free claims, exclusive merchandise, and thrilling giveaways. This article delves into the details of this landmark event and the unique ways Reeder chose to engage with his supportive community.

Celebrating One Year of Cyber Bandits: Free Mint of the Skull Diver NFT

A year after its initial release, the Cyber Bandits generative project marked its anniversary with a series of exciting events. Kicking off the celebrations on June 26th, artist Michael Reeder offered a free mint of a unique Skull Diver video NFT.

This limited-edition NFT was the first in the newly announced Bandit Stolen Goods series, available exclusively to Cyber Bandits holders until Friday the 30th for free.

Marking the Anniversary with Bandit Gear: Preorder Period Announced

An exciting part of the anniversary celebrations was the unveiling of the first Bandit Gear collection. This range of unique merchandise was specially crafted to reflect Reeder's digital art aesthetic. Open for preorder until July 5th, 2023, the collection included a diverse selection of items, each featuring the distinctive Cyber Bandit motif.

As the preorders are closing, anticipation among the community is high, with the community eager for the rollout of their Bandit Gear. This marked a special milestone in the Cyber Bandits' journey, blending the digital and physical worlds in a celebration of their first year."

Exclusive Giveaways: Appreciating the Cyber Bandits Holders

Reeder made the week even more exciting by organizing two exclusive giveaways on discord. The first giveaway, a numbered AP of the sought-after Skull Diver chase, commenced on June 30th and lasted for 96 hours. The lucky Cyber Bandit holder slunkey was announced as the winner on July 4, 2023.

As an addition to the excitement, Reeder launched a second giveaway for a unique Cloud Diver 1/1 HPM. The giveaway was open for 96 hours, culminating on July 5th, ensuring that the celebratory spirit remained high throughout the anniversary week.

SQUADTS x REEDER Collaboration: An Exciting Offer for the Community

Adding to the celebratory air, Reeder announced a thrilling collaboration with SQUADTS, a unique, fully 3D-rendered NFT collection. This partnership led to the creation of an exclusive OG Skull SQUADT/REEDER piece, available for free to all Cyber Bandit and SQUADT holders. Requiring only gas fees for minting, this offering was a testament to the spirit of collaboration and community within the NFT space.

The claim period remains open until July 11th, ensuring no rush and providing ample time for all eligible collectors to claim their piece. This joint venture marked another significant stride in the Cyber Bandits' evolution, blurring the boundaries between distinct NFT collections and fostering community engagement.

The Year That Was: A Message of Gratitude From Michael Reeder

Reeder expressed his gratitude towards the Cyber Bandits community for their unwavering support, saying, "Thank you on behalf of all of us on the team to all of you fine folk who have made this discord and project as awesome as it has been! It's been a fantastic year, full of tons of surprises, and I can't wait to see where things go from here!"

Michael Reeder’s Cyber Bandits, born out of artistic rebellion and a love for digital innovation, turned one this year. This anniversary week, full of free mints, exclusive merchandise, and thrilling giveaways, highlighted Reeder's commitment to his community and the shared celebration of their collective journey into the uncharted realms of NFT art. Here's to many more years of Cyber Bandits and their artistic adventures!

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