When Mekaverse was announced back in august and without even a single post they reached 500 Followers. Mekaverse soon opened up Discord to the public and it reached 20K members on day one. Currently, they have 10 times that figure.

In the roadmap, the team spoke about physical 3D printing with durable materials and announced artists' collaboration for diversity and character traits which was purely experimental. Clothing merchandise and toys are in the plan to take it to the physical realm. They are also looking to collaborate with the original Mecha universe for licensed products, further enhancing the multiverse narrative of the Roadmap. 

Meka’s creative side and artwork are from Mattey and Matt B. Mattey being the founder of this project is thrilled to see the hype picking up steam in less than 2 months. Thus the team announced the price of 0.2 ETH for minting and raffle draws to determine the winners who can mint. 0.2 ETH for a new project without proven credibility seemed pricey. But it broke the trade volumes of similar PFP projects and set astronomical figures in just 3 days.

Raffle draw had pros and cons as the team could choose which wallets qualify for minting, this level of centralisation isn't healthy when we preach decentralisation and permissionless narrative. On the other hand, it helped stabilise gas wars during minting. And assured participants the time for minting.

Out of 172,876 total wallets that registered for the Raffle, 56,945 selected One Meka and 115,931 selected two Mekas as per team announcement but are yet to reveal their procedure for the raffle.

Unique wallets are a benchmark metric for bragging rights, and Mek’s score of 5.5K is beyond impressive. But the legitimacy of those wallets pertaining to different users is still a question unanswered. 

The team announced its official reveal on the 10th and 11th of October. This is also a concern we want to highlight.

As the team holds the power to control rare traits, and participants have no clue what they got even after they got it. The business model typically favours those with inside information. Again the decentralisation and transparency are out of the window with that approach. But surely there is a community with staggering discord users of above 200K. That equates to half of the active users on Opensea.

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