Meebits Heist

Meebits Heist

It all started with a tweet that got very little attention. That is now Deleted. It was by 0xNietzsche and it read something like:

"For the next hours I will be making 300k/hour"

The account only had a few hundred followers, so it didn’t get many eyes on it or was disregarded as standard twitter talk. Little did we know that he had actually written a contract that was exploiting the Meebits mint contract, to get it to mint desirable Token IDs.

The whole operation was possible because there was a leak of the Token IDs. This was picked up by a few users and shared around.

Nietzsche then wrote a smart contract that would interact with the minting contract. He set up some desirable token IDs and started minting. When the token ID was recognized as a desirable ID he would then call to mint and transfer the NFT off the contract into his wallet. If the ID was undesirable then it would cancel and start again.
Here is a more technical explanation by NateAlexNFT

Nietzsche minted a Visitor Meebit which he listed for 200 ETH, which quickly sold to Pranksy.

The LL teams took quick action and stopped the party before any significant damage could be done.

After it all went down there was this post, referring to the deleted Tweets. I knew I should have screen grabbed that

Definitely one of the first, and so far Top Meebit moments (pixls.eth needs to start documenting these too. ;) There has been a lot of positive and negative feedback from the community regarding this story. We did our best to present the incident with neutrality and we invite you to take part in the conversation and tell us what you think about this incident.

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