Mark Cuban and Souljaboy on Rarible

Mark Cuban and Souljaboy on Rarible

Cuban tweeted out on Wednesday a link to a collection of NFTs called "The RollUp 2021," a collection of 10 GIF's of Cuban showing off his breathtaking dance moves.

Check out my artwork for sale ! MCuban's profile #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #digitalasset #nft via @rariblecom

The NFT's originally listed for a price of 0.02ETH. But they quickly shot up in price on the secondary market as two were bought for a whopping 30 and 35 ETH by @0x_b1. As soon as @0x_b1 got them he had the balls to burn one of them, essentially lighting $54,000 on fire. 

Soulja Boy got in on the action, too, as he released NFT's called, "Soulja Boy' Crank That'" a collection of 20 on Rarible. He has only sold 12 of the 20 and is currently selling them for 5 ETH each, but people are only offering around 0.75 ETH. 

He has been tweeting a lot about crypto this week and is looking to make his own coin called "SouljaCoin." He wouldn't be the first rapper to release his own shitcoin, as Lil Yachty minted his own Yachtycoin back in December. I wonder if his coin will brick worse than his NFTs. We all know why he's here, and the crypto community isn't falling for it.

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