March, What a month in Web3!

March, What a month in Web3!

With the bull market in full swing, March was an eventful month for the crypto space. With art drops, shitcoins, airdrops, and memes, this was a month to be remembered.

The Meme Coin Frenzy

The sun was rising on the Solana blockchain, a horizon where the meme coin frenzy had morphed into a full-blown tempest, there we were, smack in the middle of it all, the air was thick with ambition, a concoction of excitement and fear, as if every token minted was a shot fired in a war for the new digital gold.

Among the cacophony of launches, BOME stood as a beacon, its success a testament not just to the power of memes but to a deeper, more nuanced community.

Challenges Faced by Many

Meanwhile, the rest of the pack floundered behind the BOME success, failed transactions and dashed hopes littered Solana like casualties of war, a stark reminder of the volatility that comes with the territory.

We launched the $RED token in the midst of it all, suffered like many with the network congestions, and had a pretty rough launch. The timing wasn't right, yet, amidst this digital storm, $RED was never meant to be a shitcoin.

Art Triumphs: "MUTATIO" by XCOPY and neonglitch86

As the dust settled and the frenzy subsided, the "MUTATIO" emerged, A collaboration between XCOPY and neonglitch86, it wasn't just another NFT; it was a masterpiece that made its own storm on the CT timeline.

Achieving more than 1 million mints by 38,000 participants, it was a stark reminder that amidst the chaos, art reigns supreme, it wasn't just a transaction; it was an experience, a journey through digital expression that transcended the frenzy of this month.

What a month yeah?

As we look back on that whirlwind of this month, it's clear, that the blockchain is more than just a technology; it's a stage for a clash between speculation and creation.

In this dynamic arena, the true constant is art, beyond the frenzy of meme coins and the speculative storms, it is art that emerges unscathed, its value and impact enduring, proving time and again that amidst the ephemeral, creativity and expression hold their ground, timeless and victorious.

Writer and Redlion's community manager. A big PixelArt lover and believe it or not I used to do some song writing as well 🥁

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