James Mendenhall: Bridging Artistic Worlds with "Subterrestrials"

James Mendenhall: Bridging Artistic Worlds with "Subterrestrials"

In the world of NFTs, innovation knows no bounds. James Mendenhall, a creative artist with over two decades of experience, has seamlessly transitioned from music to visual arts. His journey through various mediums culminates in the captivating project known as "Subterrestrials." Let's explore James Mendenhall's path and the essence of "Subterrestrials."

A Journey Through Creativity: Music to Visual Arts

For more than 20 years, James Mendenhall has been a creative force, with his teens and 20s devoted to the realm of music. However, it was in his 30s that he made the leap into visual arts.

His creations predominantly comprised abstract paintings, but the NFT explosion in 2021 beckoned him to explore the digital frontier. It began with animating pour paintings and evolved into animated physical collages, an art form his brother had crafted. Today, James's artistic repertoire spans various styles of acrylic painting, with occasional forays into a spectrum of artistic mediums.

A Community Discovery: Genuine Undead (GU)

James's path to the GU community wasn't a direct one. About seven to eight months ago, he embarked on a quest to find active communities adorned with exceptional profile pictures (pfp's). GU was recommended to him, and he initially joined with the intent to explore.

What he discovered was a community unlike any other, characterized by its overwhelming warmth and unique pixel art. It wasn't long before James was drawn in, becoming not just an observer but an active participant.

"Subterrestrials": Bridging Communities Through Art

"Subterrestrials" emerged as a project that embodies the spirit of collaboration and appreciation for art. This 1,111 supply generative project on the Ethereum blockchain stands as a symbol of underground culture, music, and artists.

The collection's traits draw inspiration from various artists in the sidewaysDAO artist collective, as well as from notable collections, including Genuine Undead (featuring Wolf Hoodie, Louis, and Bandana traits). Community crossover lies at the heart of this project, fostering connections and creative collaborations.

Vinyl Records Meet Art

James's creative journey took an interesting turn when he decided to blend the realms of art and music. The inspiration? A Dirtybird Flight Club pfp he had painted on an old vinyl record for the label owner, Claude Vonstroke. The aesthetic of this fusion left a lasting impression on him, sparking the idea of giving away hand-painted vinyl records.

This initiative had several objectives in mind, sharing his paintings with more people, fostering collection appreciation and awareness, increasing the likelihood of people holding his art if they owned the physical piece, all while following his passion for painting.

A Vision for the Future

James's aspirations extend beyond the digital realm. He envisions turning "Subterrestrials" into a streetwear brand, using clothing made from original abstract paintings. While this long-term vision holds promise, the current focus remains on community cross-collaboration and the appreciation of art.

In conclusion, James Mendenhall's artistic journey, fueled by creativity and a newfound passion for NFTs, culminates in the "Subterrestrials" project—a testament to the power of art in building connections and appreciation within a vibrant community.

Writer and Redlion's community manager. A big PixelArt lover and believe it or not I used to do some song writing as well 🥁

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