Chicest Collab in Web3: DNA Collection pairs Hackatao with Bang & Olufsen

Chicest Collab in Web3: DNA Collection pairs Hackatao with Bang & Olufsen

Italian artist duo, and cryptoart OGs, Hackatao, are lending their skills to Danish ultra-premium consumer electronics company, Bang & Olufsen. This collab is sure to dazzle. The “Bang & Olufsen DNA Collection” will bring B&O into web3 with a…well, bang. 

In honor of the company’s birth year, the DNA Collection will have 1925 digital pieces. Each NFT will be modeled after four B&O designs: the Beogram 4000 turntable, the Beoplay A9, the Beolab 90 Speakers, as well as a futuristic all-digital design, The Beoverse Alpha. From a design perspective, this drop makes a lot of sense. One look at the Beoplay A9, a nearly flat, 70cm diameter circular speaker on a svelte Danish-modern style tripod, and it is easy to see how these items will fit right in to the metaverse.

Ornamenting the four designs will be elements of six Hackatao NFTs from the Queens+Kings series. The personal Q+K pieces from collectors @punk6529, @WhaleSharkETH, @33NFT, @thrashleystyles, @0xikaros and @Lorenerl1 have been “hacked and frozen.” This means Hackatao has been given copyright permission to splice traits from these six NFTs into the DNA Collection. A generative process will randomize the new NFTs upon mint. In other words, each DNA token will start with one of the four product templates. Next, design features like legs, frame, front cover, back cover and many more will be applied to the template at random to ensure that each item of the DNA Collection will be unique.  

In addition to Hackatao’s contribution, B&O is bringing in two more artists and two musicians to vary the project’s palette. Thomas Lin Pedersen and Shavonne Wong are the other artists. Musicians RAC and duo Gramatik & Luxas are the musicians. 

Minting of the DNA set starts on November 30th, but that is just the beginning. After the mint, holders can claim an art vial and a music vial. These vials can be fused together to combine elements of the artists’, musicians’ and B&O DNA. This will create “a new kind of collectible.” As an added benefit to holding, all DNA Collection NFT owners will be given allow list access to future Bang & Olufsen NFT drops. A full view of the evolving benefits can be found on the B&O discord. Lastly, owners will have token-gated access to purchase a limited edition A9 speaker with art from the Collection’s artists. 

For more information on the drop, go to the DNA site. While the 0.469 Eth mint is not cheap, this is certainly one of the slickest, most stylish projects to release in 2022. 

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