Gigamart Launches: is it the NFT exchange that will kill OpenSea?

Gigamart Launches: is it the NFT exchange that will kill OpenSea?

...uh, are absolutely disappointing. First of all, searching: Ever noticed that finding NFT data is next to impossible? Most sites’ “analytics” tabs are very limited. Second of all, viewing: Ever tried to get a good look at an NFT on OpenSea? You can’t zoom in on a nice high-res picture of the product. These limitations have been plaguing tradoors for far too long… enter Gigamart.

Gigamart is the calling itself the NFT platform that’s “by degens for degens.” It was built by the SuperVerse and its founder, EllioTrades. Gigamart (GM for short, pun intended) is loaded with new tech.  It has an innovative data infrastructure, a clever, customizable user interface, a great viewer, and many other features that NFT traders are sure to love. 

Upon visiting the site, the first thing you’ll notice is the Dashboard. It is big and beautiful showing off top collections by volume. Keep scrolling and you’ll see top individual sales and a trending section. What’s not immediately obvious is that the quality of data on Gigamart is leaps and bounds better than any other NFT platform: GM devs made their very own block explorer for the site. It gathers data in real time from nearly every chain! This means you can do degen trader things like stalk mint data across the entire crypto industry with one click. It’s also the first time all this data is in one place. 

Another unique feature of Gigamart is its chat tools. Go to any collection page and you’ll find two chat rooms. One is public. The other is token-gated for holders of the collection. This social feature means that fans of a collection can browse data and chat at the same time. No more diving between Twitter, Discord and OpenSea to DYOR on a collection–you can look at charts and chats all in one place!

Tying the data and chat features together is the Gigamart Dashboard. It is fully customizable and allows you to place widgets anywhere you want. You can make a widget for your favorite collections, a widget tied to the announcement tab of a soon-to-mint NFT, or even put a collection’s chat room on a widget. There’s endless possibilities and that’s the point. Everything one needs to be a data-driven degen can be curated into a bespoke blockchain battlestation.

Speaking of being a data-driven degen, Gigamart is a listing aggregator. This means it finds NFT listings across all major exchanges. You’d expect nothing less from the platform’s native block explorer. However, another big advantage to its aggregating feature is gas savings. GM claims to be able to find the best trading prices available for any listed NFT anywhere. 

To round out the already long list of great features, there’s an excellent viewer on GM. It is based on the Google image viewer. 

Gigamart launched on December 6th and is still in beta. To celebrate the launch and attract visitors, GM is not charging any platforms fees for the time being. In an additional tease, EllioTrades promised that Gigamart will soon launch extra features “no one has ever thought of.” Visit the site yourself and see what all the hype is about. The platform seems designed to make OpenSea look bad! Whether or not the boldly-branded upstart becomes the industry leader is impossible to know. Whatever the future holds, it seems clear that Gigamart has a bright future ahead of it.

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