Pranksy said that after seeing what Genesis.json could do, he had to go after it. 

Why is this piece so unique?

Genesis.json is a fascinating artwork that took over ten months to create. It’s considered a one-of-one “piece of software” that has over 15,000 hand sequence audio and visual events that play within a 24-hour cycle. The amount of work that went into the piece is insane; it has over a hundred thousand lines of code that make it function. It is also said to be the first piece of art that can put itself to sleep and dream. It’s insane.

Special Features:

  • The art piece continuously plays different audio and visual sequences that seamlessly integrate with each other for a 24 hour-cycle.  

  • It is not set to a specific sequence of audio and visuals but instead programmed to play arrangements based on one’s location. This allows for people in different parts of the world to have different experiences. “The piece functions like a grandfather clock. By using web scraped network time, what someone is hearing/seeing in New York will be totally different from someone viewing it in Tokyo.”

  • Visual events include vintage synthesizer performances, beats and rhythmic figures I hand-coded, field recordings, orchestra, guitars, and hundreds of other elements. 

  • The art piece puts itself to sleep and will play visualizers showing it dreaming. It will also be awake from sunrise to sunset. 

  • The piece lives on the blockchain. It is on Arweave and will continue to play for as long as the internet is still alive.

This piece is incredible and pushes the boundaries of what can be done for technology. This is not just an advancement for NFTs and the crypto community but for humans; BT showed us what is possible with a determined mind. If you want to experience the artwork for yourself, click here.

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