Futureverse Co-founders Launch a $50M Fund for Emerging Tech: Born Ready

Futureverse Co-founders Launch a $50M Fund for Emerging Tech: Born Ready

Futureverse: A Foundation for Innovation

Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, co-founders of the metaverse Futureverse, have announced the inception of a new $50 million venture fund and studio named Born Ready. This revelation comes merely two weeks after the declaration of a new funding round. The Born Ready fund will focus on nurturing early-stage Web3 and metaverse technology investments, demonstrating their commitment to the evolution of these rapidly growing technologies.

Founded in late 2022 following the consolidation of eight companies, Futureverse has since expanded its operations by integrating three more companies. The startup is celebrated for its innovative projects such as FLUF World, an animated rabbit-themed non-fungible token (NFT) collection, and AI League, a popular mobile soccer game. Recently, the company secured an impressive $54 million in a Series A funding round, led by 10T Holdings with a significant contribution from Ripple Labs.

Born Ready: Investing in the Future

Born Ready is not just a venture fund; it's a studio built to empower innovation in the rapidly evolving fields of Web3 and metaverse technology. The fund’s strategic financial commitment lies between $250,000 and $1 million per project, demonstrating their readiness to invest substantial amounts into startups and initiatives in their infancy. This approach signifies their belief in the potential of these new technologies and their commitment to nurturing these projects toward maturation and market readiness.

The Born Ready fund has already begun making strides, investing in a diverse portfolio of companies. Among them is FCTRY Lab, a startup focusing on high-tech sneakers, a reflection of the ongoing trend of integrating technology into fashion. Also funded is Power’d Digital, a pioneering Web3 startup, indicative of Born Ready’s interest in pushing the boundaries of the decentralized web. Further, Born Ready has invested in the gaming sector with blockchain gaming companies Polemos and Walker Labs, signaling their recognition of the gaming industry as a ripe field for blockchain and metaverse technologies.

In the near future, Born Ready also plans to launch an accelerator program. While details of this program remain undisclosed, it is expected to provide further funding and support opportunities for innovative projects in the metaverse and Web3 sphere. This forthcoming program further underscores Born Ready’s intention to stimulate growth in these areas and foster the next generation of technology startups.

A Strategic Focus on Collaboration and Acceleration

The primary focus of the Born Ready fund is to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative technology ventures that have the potential for strategic collaboration with Futureverse or The Root Network. The latter is a public decentralized blockchain network specifically optimized for metaverse apps and experiences.

The launch of this new venture fund by the successful entrepreneurs and Futureverse co-founders signifies another key step towards the widespread adoption of metaverse and Web3 technologies. As digital experiences and interactions continue to evolve, Born Ready seeks to be at the helm of these transformative shifts.

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