FC Barcelona & WoW Unveil 'Empowerment' NFT

FC Barcelona & WoW Unveil 'Empowerment' NFT

FC Barcelona and WoW NFT Partnership

The Spanish football powerhouse, FC Barcelona, continues its exciting journey into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by partnering with the iconic NFT project, World of Women (WoW). The collaboration aims to strengthen the presence of women's football through the release of the 'Empowerment' NFTs, set to go live on June 26th.

The 'Empowerment' NFT: A Tribute to Alexia Putellas

Featuring women’s club captain Alexia Putellas, the 'Empowerment' NFT pays tribute to her exceptional performance in the Women's Champions League semi-final match against Wolfsburg in 2022. The NFT, designed by artist Rhi Madeline, will be auctioned on OpenSea from June 26 – 28.

FC Barcelona's partnership with WoW, combined with the launch of the 'Empowerment' NFT, underscores their commitment to advocating for gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls in sports and society as a whole.

Special Features for WoW/G Holders

WoW/G holders can now display their support for FC Barcelona and Alexia Putellas by customizing their profile pictures in the MyWoW section of the WoW website, showing support with an exclusive @FCBfemeni jersey.

Benefits for 'Empowerment' NFT Owners

As part of FC Barcelona's efforts to enhance fan engagement, the owner of the 'Empowerment' NFT will enjoy special benefits. These include a meet-and-greet opportunity with Alexia Putellas and exclusive memorabilia like a pair of autographed boots and a seat from Barcelona's stadium.

The FC Barcelona and World of Women NFT partnership embodies the spirit of innovation and progress, and it represents a major step in the integration of blockchain technology with sports, particularly in promoting women's football.

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