Exploring Natural Forces Through Code: The 'Hachure' Series by Matt DesLauriers

Exploring Natural Forces Through Code: The 'Hachure' Series by Matt DesLauriers

In the burgeoning field of digital art, "Hachure" by Matt DesLauriers marks a striking confluence of technological prowess and a deep-rooted fascination with the Earth's natural artistry. This series, auctioned on the verse platform, represents an evolution of DesLauriers' work that intricately maps out not just physical landscapes, but also the invisible hands of geological forces at play.

A Technological Canvas Brought to Life

DesLauriers, a Canadian-born artist residing in London, wields code as his brush, JavaScript and Zig as his palette, crafting through the interactive canvas of a web browser. "Hachure," named after a technique in cartography for depicting relief, transcends its namesake by encapsulating the dynamic process of erosion.

It's a vivid exploration of how landscapes are born and transformed, narrated through the meticulous language of algorithms and digital strokes. Each artwork, while computationally designed, is instilled with the chaotic beauty of natural erosion, emulating the way the Earth carves its features over countless years.

An Artistic Ode to the Power of Erosion

The "Hachure" series is DesLauriers' ode to the relentless process of erosion—a central theme that has fascinated artists and scientists alike for centuries. Here, erosion is not merely a natural occurrence but an artistic director that dictates the intricate patterns and shapes within each piece.


DesLauriers captures a frozen tableau of this endless creation and decay, a digital fossil of sorts that reflects the grandeur of natural forces. His artworks remind viewers of the delicate balance and the continuous dialogue between the Earth's surface and the elements shaping it.

A Collective Artistic Venture

The egalitarian nature of "Hachure" extends to its distribution via a ranked auction, reflecting the inclusive forces of nature. This auction, slated to start on November 9th, offers 25 digital artworks to prospective custodians.

Collaborative Spirit and Educational Outreach

DesLauriers' "Hachure" is not an island in the digital art archipelago but rather a collaborative peak. It stands on the foundational work of others, like Nicholas McDonald, whose research on hydraulic erosion informed the project's depth.

As an active contributor to the open-source community and a seasoned educator, DesLauriers extends the conversation on creative coding beyond the screen, into classrooms, and across continents. His lectures and workshops are not just knowledge-sharing sessions but incubators for the next generation of artists who will continue to push the boundaries of art and technology.

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