EIP-1559 NFT

EIP-1559 NFT

The launch of “Ethereum Improvement Proposal” will be marked forever as a historical upgrade in Ethereum history. It will change both the user experience and the fee structure of Ethereum.

 A limited-edition NFT series has been launched by a group of community members interested in creating a patronage culture around public goods.

There are 3 sets of NFT series launched for the EIP-1559 series:

EIP-1559 Contributor Set

After noticing a 3x increase in gas costs for SLOAD and CALL functions would come from the ETH Berlin hard fork and many months of insane gas fees back in March, Richard decided to begin working on a solution.

All proceeds from NFT minting are forwarded to EIP-1559 contributors using a split contract. A total of 1559 total editions were sold out at a rapid rate showing incredible support towards such open-source developments and reinforces faith in DeFi projects.

EIP-1559 Patron Edition

The moment the reserve price of 15.59 ETH is met, the premium one-of-one 1559 Patron Edition will go for auction for 155.9 hrs. At the time of writing this article, the time left for the end of the auction is 02 days 16hours 59m.

1559 Supporter Edition is completely sold out for 0.1559 ETH per NFT.

Beacon Book

Beacon book is a collection of perspectives from 46 researchers and implementers that worked on the Ethereum Beacon Chain. It is available in different formats like digital text, mintable NFTs and physical books.

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