Death to Flippers

Death to Flippers

But let’s break it down together.

That opening can be summarized as Trigger Warning, basically testing the water on how far they can push it. They started with a super heavy version so they can then lighten it up and ‘’seem’’ better, or if it found no significant resistance try to cut in deeper.

They are openly stating that they have a positive/negative user distinction, and what user behavior is deemed negative by them will not be allowed to collect art on their platform.

To collect art on their platform is a privilege. That is reminiscent of the traditional closed art market. Of course, the reason for this change is for the benefit of the artists, sorry but I don’t buy it.

Feels like one can do whatever if they claim to do it for the benefit of the artists.

So how can someone dictate the reason why people buy art? How can that be defined and brought down to a simple, buy it only if you like it and want to hold it long term?

What does that have to do with anything? What if I feel a genuine connection to the artwork but not to the artist? Should I then take an esoteric journey to decide if I'm worthy enough to buy it? What if someone loves to sell art? How is that harmful or unhealthy?

Here is the juicy part! Starting with a completely false statement passed on as a fact. Speculating is one of the most natural human behaviors. Why is it bad for the artist and the collector? Please elaborate more…

"We often see short term speculators lose money’’


"We are making it unequivocally clear that short term speculation is not something that we want to happen on our platform."

These guidelines go against the very ethos of blockchain and open markets, it tries to enforce controls over something that should be free within this system  NG is becoming very reminiscent of art auction houses in the traditional market and deviating away from the very nature of the very medium it is built on.

100% Agree here.

The part about banning people for using bots, hacks and other means is absolutely fine and it’s encouraged. However, how can the platform dictate when people sell their assets, and also for how much?

Why is buying artwork with the purpose of reselling it bad? Isn’t that what galleries, auction houses, art traders around the world do?

Isn’t the reselling of the Artwork creating this whole appreciation property that art has? Someone making a 10$ profit means that another community member bought something with just a 10$ overhead, which is great. I would argue that the guy who sold for 10$ profit got the short end of the stick there.

Banning people for flipping art and then offer drops at 1$ is contradictory.

When I read these guidelines, I went on their discord server to give feedback as the guidelines suggested.

I was banned for stating these opinions. I guess i am an unhealthy feedback provider. That didn’t stop me from buying a 1/1 which i successfully FLIPPED for profit just to be a bad boy.

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