CyberKongz Genkai: Ronin Network Partnership Sparks New Possibilities

CyberKongz Genkai: Ronin Network Partnership Sparks New Possibilities

In an ever-evolving digital world, blockchain technology has been leading a revolution, and in its vanguard, the CyberKongz, a well-established non-fungible token (NFT) project, has consistently managed to stand out. In a fresh and exciting development, CyberKongz is taking its innovative spirit a step further with the introduction of Genkai and a new partnership with the Ronin network.

A New Partnership: Sky Mavis and CyberKongz

Sky Mavis, the company behind the play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game, Axie Infinity, has announced a ground-breaking partnership with CyberKongz, a prominent Ethereum-based nonfungible token (NFT) collection. The collaboration aims to create a comprehensive gaming ecosystem for the Ronin blockchain, a platform specifically designed for the blockchain gaming industry.

The partnership is a significant move for the CyberKongz Genkai collection, as it will bring new opportunities for Genkai holders and the entire CyberKongz community. In a bid to expand its user base and tap into Ronin's vibrant gaming community, CyberKongz will also migrate its Play & Kollect game from the Polygon network to the Ronin blockchain.

An Upcoming Game: The Synergy of Axie Infinity and CyberKongz

Adding to the exciting news, Kathleen Osgood, Head of Business Development at Sky Mavis, confirmed the development of a new game. Although details are sparse, she affirmed that this game would be interoperable by integrating with existing Axie Infinity experiences.

The innovative feature is bound to set a new benchmark in the blockchain gaming world, fostering a whole new level of engagement for players.

Genkai on the Ronin Network

In the light of the recent partnership, CyberKongz announced the sale of 3,000 Genkai on Ronin network's Mavis Marketplace, at a price of 0.25 WETH or equivalent $RON.

Additionally, existing Ethereum Genkai holders will soon have the option to bridge between Ethereum and Ronin. This move paves the way for greater integration, allowing for more streamlined transactions and bolstering the user experience.

Reviving Blockchain Gaming

Despite the recent decline in interest in blockchain gaming, With this new partnership, both Sky Mavis and CyberKongz are positioning themselves as trailblazers in the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming.

The partnership between Sky Mavis and CyberKongz offers a glimpse into the future of blockchain gaming. It is an affirmation of their commitment to creating rewarding and enduring gaming communities by leveraging the potential of Web3. It's indeed a brave new world for the blockchain gaming industry, and players worldwide will eagerly watch how this collaboration will reshape the gaming ecosystem.

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