Cryptofinally's first NFT

Cryptofinally's first NFT

Such a pleasure to welcome influencers and other types of creative people in our NFT community, it really feels like a new era for NFTs. Mint your passion on Rarible!

Of course stubborn people will always hate innovative attempts like that. Every new innovation has 99% of opposition until it’s the new norm.
Let’s not forget the recent example that made Rarible the #1 marketplace and if we scroll some twitter accounts the same people who were bashing it now release there and complain about rewards.

<center>But that’s not all….</center>

Oooooo SPICY !

<center>Guess who bought 4?</center>

Our very own OMEGA LEVEL SIMP PranksyNFT

That was his first play short after dropping an Alpha mega Leak about Niftymojis buying and farming that got the defi moonbois pissing their pants…

Pure class!

Then he minted a new work about his new fren BlueKirb

Looks super cute good job!

To all the degens that have been mining Niftymojis for months and got rich now we salute you!

The price of MEXP is rising nonstop!


Since we mention Niftymoji and Pranksy, we cannot leave out Cryptopunks who made a comeback raising the floor to 2.2 ETH approximately. Looks like 10 accounts that probably belong to moonbois bought the majority. Our inside sources are telling us that punks got shilled gracefully recently on the defi circle, so if you are looking for an explanation before you start yelling “WASH” , there you have it.

On another news $MEME is supported with Rarible now.

Whats is MEME? It’s a platform where staked coins unlock NFT collectible cards that can be traded.
So happy trading!
$MEME to 30k!

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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