What is CryptoCubes?

CryptoCubes are algorithmically generated volumetric abstractions limited to only 256. These NFT's are generated by a script written in Python and create a 3D NFT that is usable in metaverses. Each of these NFT's are uniquely mixed with different attributes. These attributes vary from volume, shape, and color.

CryptoCubes was created by Han, a recent architecture graduate who barely got into the NFT space at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. He described starting the CryptoCubes Project as "basically my bachelor's graduation project," but later modified it for the NFT space, where it became what it is today.

This is the great thing about this, Crypto and the NFT market has allowed artists to turn simple ideas into amazing projects.

The CryptoCubes project started minting back in October and initially sold for 0.15 ETH to 0.35 ETH, depending on the rarity. The primary market sold out on Jan 6th, with the last mitted cube, CryptoCube#255, being auctioned for 10.5 ETH.

Ever since the final mitted cube, the secondary market pumped, reaching a price floor of 5 ETH. CryptoCubes is currently ranked 5th on Opensea's collectibles ranking; this is 16 spots higher than the project was back in December.

What is in the future of CryptoCubes

Han has talked about making Decentraland Gallery for CryptoCubes to show off his works. It will be interesting to see where the CryptoCubes project goes.

Is this the next cryptopunks? How high will the floor reach and how long will the hype last?

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