Are you getting messages from normie friends asking you if now is a good time to buy?

Fuck it, why even bother(?), just say yes. If you are like me and have been preaching the good word of crypto to your normie friends for years, watching them completely uninterested, only to have them now breaking your phone with messages, just chill.

Take a step back and enjoy watching their assholes burn because they didn’t buy a cent of crypto.

Hear them say: “Next time it drops, I'll buy a lot”, sure you will buddy, sure you will (ironic smirk hiding under fake compassion on face).

Bitcoin is trading above the 24,000$ mark at the time of this article. We are clearly on uncharted waters and nobody knows what is going to happen. What we all know though is, 1 BTC = 1 BTC so for the hodlers not much change.

As you can read in our previous article about BTC ATH on issue #12 there are many factors contributing to the meteoric rise we all love to see. Bitcoin is on a path to set itself as the ultimate asset in history (if it hasn’t already) and it’s really exciting to see it gradually decoupling from traditional markets.

As anticipated the general NFT trade has slowed down but in some cases it even picked up. Nifty Gateway seems to be crushing it lately.

With BTC trading at 24k and ETH around the 660$ mark people are really looking to hodl their crypto.

This tweet made a really good argument about the recent NFT pump, and I agree it wasn’t an organic one.

Is it just me or does it feel like CT influencers are trying to coordinate an NFT hype pump by telling us how big NFTs are going to be. It all feels very unorganic. The coordinated NFT hype pump started just as food forks were dying down. Coincidence? I think not. #DeFi $ETH

Just below you will read the comments that mostly disagree with the notion, and I get it. We all love NFTs, however, he brings up a valid point. Also if only a few influencers can create such pumps on the NFT space, it is further proof of how small and tender this space actually is.

The tweet isn’t about if NFTs are worth it or not, more like to look back and see what happened there and maybe learn a thing or two out of it. It is important not to feed lies to ourselves in order to fit the narrative we choose to follow.

Everybody who is involved in this space knows that the liquidity in most NFT markets is pretty limited, so when all this liquidity hype pump appeared out of nowhere, we have to look back and ask the right questions. It gave us a taste of how an NFT bull market feels like. Now we got a short glimpse and naturally have developed a taste for it, a longing, even.

So ATH, now what?

Aren’t we all waiting for some of that sweet money to trickle down to our bags and shitcoins? Oh yea, nothing would be more satisfactory right now than an altcoin pump. A magnificent one to dwarf what we lived in 2017.

We are truly living in a historic period that will be referenced in the future for sure in the same way as the 2017 pump. It will be really interesting to see what happens next as we are all gazing at the price soaring while holding our breaths.

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