💩 Beeple’s shit is selling at an auction house!

💩 Beeple’s shit is selling at an auction house!

This is a crazy motherfucken deal for the crypto community.

Christie’s, the auction house, announced on Tuesday, Feb.16, that they will sell Beeple’s new piece, “First 5000 Days.” This will make Christie’s become the first major auction house to sell a completely digital NFT. They also announced they will accept ETH as a form of payment, which is also a first for an auction house.

What better way of Christie’s doing all these first than with Beeple? He is the motherfucker that revolutionized his iconic $1 editions. Beeple seems to continually be pushing the envelope of how NFTs can be sold and marketed. To put it simply, he’s a genius.

Beeple wrote in his Instagram announcement, “I could not be more honored and humbled to be representing the digital art community for this historic sale!!!”

First 5000 Days

The piece that is being auctioned off is a stitched picture of all of his works from every day for the past 13 years. From his starting of basic drawings to his more recent 3D works, you get to see his progression through time as an artist.

The auction will start on Feb. 25 and last until Mar. 11 and will begin with a bidding price of $100. One interesting fact, an auction house will usually set an estimated value price of the work, but in Beeple’s case, because it is the first time a fully digital NFT will be sold, the estimated value is unknown.

One person to look out for in this auction is Metakovan from Metepurse. Let’s take a quick look at what Metakovan has been up to and why he would be a favorite to win the auction. 

After buying up, all of Beeple’s 1/1 NFT’s Metepurse announced Metapalooza, the largest metaverse event in history. The event was to celebrate the launch of the B.20 bundle and the museum of Beeple’s work. The B.20 bundle included 20 of Beeples and was tokenized and sold. This allowed buyers to purchase a part of Beeple’s work which is an interesting concept because instead of just appreciating the artwork a person can now know they own a part of it.

So why would Metakovan be a favorite?

Well, I believe he would want to add to the museum and continue on his work of the B.20 bundle. It definitely is not guaranteed that he is going to win or even bid, but one thing is for sure; the auction will break a record…of the most expensive, completely digital, NFT sold by an auction house.

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