BAYC vs. Meebits!

BAYC vs. Meebits!

<center>What’s going on here now? I thought NFTs were declared dead this week. Don’t tell that to ZΞNFT Garden SocietyCrypto Sergs, and especially not the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Meebits communities! After an exciting recent Beeple EveryDays release a bit of a friendly rivalry was spurred between these two new, exciting, and popular NFT tribes…</center>

No Way! His follow-up Tweets suggest things are about to get hot!

Curious Beeple, primarily because I can’t figure why these two projects would be at odds with each other, to begin with. Both NFTs launched a few months ago, both sold out in a matter of hours, though the release of each project was handled differently. Beyond that, the floor prices of each project have been a matter of recent debate and even bragging rights between holders of NFTs from both series. I was able to buy some Meebits which I think are already amazing and still have incredible unrealized potential as well. On the other side of the coin, I missed out on the BAYC launch entirely. I went to sleep never having heard of them and woke up to learn they existed and they were already sold out. Regardless, I think the artwork is good and the Ape’s attributes and expressions are pretty funny too. They make solid profile picture NFTs right out of the gate. They have a formidable community supporting them as well, so don’t go thinking this was a one-sided fight...

Another Beeple EveryDay and shit is on!

Definitely instigating, but with amazing art, I must say! Crypto Twitter is home to daily spats over all kinds of NFT rivalries, disagreements, and challenges. This particular matchup has plenty of participation and action from both corners too, as both communities boast several thousand members. Some participants even took things up a notch, simulating video game battles between various Meebits and BAYCs.

Just as quickly as ‘issues’ between Meebits and BAYC arose they seemed to have been resolved, and in the wake of this bit of commotion, there seems to have been a noteworthy uptick in respective floor prices as well as community engagement. Interesting. Of course many had a hunch this was mostly just for fun, entertainment, and perhaps a bit of well-earned attention. People in both gangs seem to have made some new friends and perhaps even come away with a newfound respect and interest in their NFT contemporaries.

Just as quickly as issues arose they seemed to have been resolved. This was a fun way to bring together two unique NFT groups together to entertain a friendly cross-town rivalry. One which actually seems to have brought some positive attention to both projects, even encouraging a bit of positive price activity. Of course, it also seems to have encouraged a bit more friendly one-upmanship between the fellow competitors as newcomers continue to arrive with a tough decision to make about what their first NFT should be...

This event, whether organically inspired, somewhat staged, or maybe a bit of both, has actually been a lot of fun among a couple of great groups of peers, enjoying the NFT space for all the right reasons. All just fun, games, and no hard feelings, right?

I dunno.. I'm seeing some real passion here...

Yeah. Better keep a close eye on these dueling NFTs!

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