Bag a Wrapped CryptoPunk for Just 0.055 ETH with Babylon7

Bag a Wrapped CryptoPunk for Just 0.055 ETH with Babylon7

Babylon7 is changing the game in the high-end Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplace. This innovative platform hosts raffles for exclusive digital art pieces, making rare NFT ownership accessible to everyone. With just a ticket purchase through a Metamask or WalletConnect-compatible wallet, anyone can own esteemed assets without breaking the bank.

Redefining NFT Ownership

Babylon7's raffle mechanism is built on transparency and fairness. As soon as all tickets sell out, its smart contract initiates a transaction on the blockchain, requesting a random number from Chainlink to determine the lucky ticket. Though this process may take a few minutes to several hours, winners are announced promptly on 0xBabylon and contacted via email.

The Wrapped CryptoPunk Opportunity

Currently, Babylon7 presents a golden opportunity to own a Wrapped CryptoPunk, specifically W#8809, for a mere 0.055 ETH per ticket. Wrapped CryptoPunks, while retaining the rarity and value of original CryptoPunks, are ERC-721 compliant, ensuring they are compatible with various platforms for seamless transactions.

Babylon7 primarily deals with high-end pieces from the top 100 collections by trading volume. Every raffled NFT is automatically verified and marked, adding an extra layer of trust for the participants.

Democratizing High-End NFTs

As of June 30, 2023, Babylon7 will extend its raffle mechanics to all high-end NFT owners who are over 18 years old and using the service from outside the US.

In conclusion, Babylon7's unique approach to NFT raffles is revolutionizing the way we own and appreciate digital art. By making high-end NFTs such as Wrapped CryptoPunks more accessible, it challenges the traditional concept of exclusivity in the NFT marketplace.

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