Genesis by DCA and and construction token by Jeff Davies has been sold out. The Chromie Squiggle project by snowfro hasn’t sold out just because it has a 10,000 tokens total supply, but is selling rather quickly, at the time of publication more than 1700 Chromie Squiggles have been sold.

Since we know that you will degen into it and you need to know what you are minting we went investigating and unearthed some useful information.

Chromie Squiggle Traits


And all the remaining ones should be common.

It’s also very interesting to note that you have a function where you can mint to another persons wallet , perfect for Christmass time, don’t you think?

An artwork on Art Blocks has two states. The "image" which is static and simply represents the artwork in terms of the Token/NFT. And the "Live Script" which when you run it you're literally running the algorithm that generates the output in your browser in real time.

The squiggles are animated, by clicking the "Live Script" link and then click the screen the colors start to change, and you can press space bar to change the background color.

People usually ask a lot about how they can get involved. The answer is "take your time" there is a long list of people already in line to deploy.

BUT if you want to learn more, the world of creating coding is fascinating and a great place to get started is

This project has been cooking for 2-3 years by Snowfro.

Here is some interesting gossip in the origin straight from the horses mouth:
“I sold over 20 Zombies punks in 2018 to pay for developer fees for the initial versions of the Art Blocks platofrm.

For under $500 a piece I've spent thousands of hours finessing the idea, and gradually have pitched it in refined versions of the last few years until finally the concept is where it needs to be and the Ethereum ecosystem is at a place to where users can understand what they're doing and getting.”
Snowfro gifted 2,000 of his "non-blockchain-world" customers printed Chromie Squiggles with instructions on how to claim them on the original art blocks platform. 14 people out of the 2,000 actually claimed them. Those people each received a "Final" chromie squiggle minted to them yesterday

Yesterday 100 Squiggles were minted to folks that helped with testnet and beta testing.

The artwork Genesis by DCA was built specifically as a proof of concept for Art Blocks in 2018 to show what could be achieved with the platform

Jeff Davis has over 20 years of experience in Generative art, DCA and Snowfro over 10 years.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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