Art Blocks Founder Reveals Plans for New Squiggle Minting

Art Blocks Founder Reveals Plans for New Squiggle Minting

Art Blocks Creator Reveals Plans for New Squiggle Minting

In an exciting announcement,Erick the creator behind the popular NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) project, Art Blocks, detailed the next steps for the minting of Squiggles, one of the project's most popular series.

In the announcement made on Twitter, the creator revealed that 81 new Squiggles are set to be minted, bringing the project significantly closer to its final minting event. The Squiggles, known for their unique, generative art style, have gained popularity in the NFT community due to their rarity and distinct artistic appeal.

Selective Minting

The mints are to be conducted in two separate transactions, scheduled for July 12th, 6pm CT. The creator explained that the first set of mints would be going out to selected community members, identified for their valuable contributions and support of artists, collectors, and the overall digital art ecosystem.

Among these chosen recipients are those who have demonstrated acts of kindness within the digital art universe. Also included are figures from the creator’s past, such as their executive coach, who have shown unwavering support of the project and the creator's personal journey.

Benefiting Charities and Organizations

In a move reflective of the spirit of sharing and communal support in the crypto space, the creator plans to donate Squiggles to specific organizations and charities. Further, funds that have shown great conviction and support for digital and generative art will also be beneficiaries.

Ten Chromie Squiggles are allocated for consignment to Venus over Manhattan gallery. As part of an agreement, these pieces will not be available for sale for at least two years, providing the gallery with the opportunity to bridge the gap between traditional and web3 art worlds.

Squiggles for SquiggleDAO

Five Chromie Squiggles are destined for SquiggleDAO, contributing to their goal of amassing 400 Squiggles in their treasury. The creator commended the team for their kind-heartedness and dedication, lauding their continuous efforts to enhance the Chromie Squiggle project.

In a significant development, the creator also revealed participation in an epic art trade involving several Squiggles and a cryptopunk, exchanged for an artwork from a cherished artist friend.

A Token of Appreciation

The second transaction carries personal significance for Erick, as Squiggles will be minted as gifts to each of the Art Blocks co-workers. This gesture is in recognition of the team's immense support during some of the most exciting and challenging times of the creator's life.

While initially planning to mint 100 Squiggles for their children, Erick decided to distribute these to their dedicated team and another undisclosed group, with future plans to mint for family members.

A Special Mint for FlamingoDAO

Looking to the future, Erick also announced plans to mint 10 Squiggles for FlamingoDAO, an early supporter of Squiggles, Art Blocks, and generative art. Erick expressed gratitude for FlamingoDAO's continuous positivity and integrity, further highlighting the sense of community and mutual support within the web3 space.

As this announcement unfolds, the crypto art community eagerly awaits the impact of these new Squiggles on the world of NFTs and digital art. It's clear that the creator is not only minting new works but also strengthening the bonds of community and goodwill in the digital art universe.

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