Apophenies: A Confluence of Digital and Physical Artistry by Cory Haber

Apophenies: A Confluence of Digital and Physical Artistry by Cory Haber

In a pioneering venture, New York-based generative artist Cory Haber introduces "Apophenies," a series of 100 generative oil paintings, melding the digital and physical art domains. This collection signifies a year-long artistic endeavor where each painting transitions from a digital prototype to a physical oil painting, facilitated by a custom-built plotter.

The Genesis of Apophenies

"Apophenies" stands as a testament to Cory Haber's trailblazing spirit in the expansive realm of generative art. The term generative art is synonymous with a process where the artist creates a set of rules or an algorithm which then produces artwork, exemplifying the fusion of creativity and code.

In "Apophenies", each artwork embarks on its journey as a digital entity. It's nurtured and molded by a specific code, which also orchestrates its physical incarnation. This dual manifestation embodies a shared DNA, seamlessly transitioning between the digital and physical realms. The consistent use of a foundational source code symbolizes a rhythmic harmony, yet each piece evolves into a distinct narrative, both visually and conceptually.

The Auction Adventure

Anticipating a fervent response from collectors, a ranked auction commencing on October 12th offers an exciting avenue to acquire a piece from this collection. The auction is structured such that the highest bidders get to choose their pieces first, ensuring a fair and engaging selection process.

Additionally, the first 95 bids are automatically entered into a giveaway to receive one free mint + associated physical painting, adding a layer of excitement and opportunity for collectors.

The Physical Manifestation

The physical embodiments of "Apophenies" are slated for completion over the next year, with each painting meticulously crafted on a 36” by 48” canvas. The culmination of this project is a grand exhibition in Fall 2024, where all 100 paintings will be showcased before they find their way to the respective collectors.

Through "Apophenies," Cory Haber extends an invitation to explore the synergies between the digital and physical, redefining the traditional boundaries of artistic expression. This collection is not merely a showcase of generative art but a narrative elucidating the potential of technology as a tool for modern artistic exploration, propelling the discourse on the evolution of art in the digital era.

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