⛽ All Brakes No Gas

⛽ All Brakes No Gas

We’ll admit this is not a crypto news story, but we think this story is important because we believe the work Andrew Callaghan does is essential and significant for journalism. 

On an Instagram post, Andrew said he is no longer making any money from the All Gas No Brakes’ YouTube channel, and its Patreon plus will no longer make videos for the channel. This is a big blow for not just YouTube but journalism as a whole. 

He has made countless videos going to places where no major news publications will go, showing America’s true side. He has covered the passionate people of a Flat Earth Conference to people protesting COVD-19 lockdowns. I think his best work is when he covered the Portland Protest that went on in the summer of 2020. This video showed us what Andrew is all about, great journalism that covers the whole story. He interviews people in the front lines of the protest and gives a perspective that mainstream media doesn’t.

It’s easy to notice that Andrew has not been active on the All Gas No Brakes media accounts, as he has not posted a video on the YouTube page since November. 

Although it is not known if Andrew was fired or left All Gas No Brakes, what is known is he got into a contract that was not favorable to him with Doing Things Media. Doing Things Media is a social media brand company that owns a lot of meme pages which unironically post memes that look like they belong in 2015.

Andrew’s announcement seems to show that Doing Things Media truly believes they can keep All Gas No Brakes going without Andrew. Without him, it is just All Brakes No Gas; he is the reason why All Gas No Brakes is such a big thing. 

Andrew lost everything that he built up from these past two years. Not only did he lose All Gas No Breaks, but he also lost his podcast, Brake Check, a podcast he just recently started to venture out of his traditional video interviews. Another blow is losing the Patreon he created, which at one point had over 19,000 supports on it.

So what is next for Andrew?

From what he has posted on his Instagram, it seems like Andrew will still create more videos just under his own name now. He will become more independent, which seems best for him since his whole journalism style is to be as independent as possible and tell the story. We at the gazette wish him well and hope he can continue his great work that is needed in this ecosystem of news.

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