A Week in NFTs

A Week in NFTs

- 1 - XCOPY 

In the first spot, two of XCOPY 1of1s bought for 115ETH and 125ETH on SuperRare. The piece “Crunch” was purchased for 115 ETH by Keyboard Monkey. The art piece “You’re wasting your life. Literally,” was bought for 125 ETH by Bharat Krymo. One interesting note is that these pieces were created two years ago and have since grown exponentially in value.

-2- Bored Apes

On Friday, July 16, Bored Ape #3749 was bought for 105 ETH by TDHD, who is said to be a first-time Ape buyer. The ape that was bought has solid gold fur and laser beam eyes. This sale is the 2nd highest ever made for an ape. It shows that the Bored Ape community is still growing. 

-3- Ghxst

Artist GxngYxng just auctioned off a Tidxl Wxve Card for 53 ETH. The thread below gives a really great in-depth coverage of the story of this auction. In other GxngYxng news, Cool Cats announced a collaboration with his Ghxst project and will undoubtedly lead to an explosion in sales. 

-4- Artblocks

Artblocks are still selling for incredible prices. Recently the Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs has been exploding in the resell market. Of Top Selling Art Blocks Curated NFTs of the last 30 days, 4 of the top five have been Fidenza. Fidenza #77 was bought for 50 ETH, Fidenza #475 was bought for 50 ETH, Fidenza #662 was bought for 43 ETH and, Fidenza #636 was bought for 49 ETH.

-5- ENS Domain

Here’s an interesting NFT sale, one of ENS Domains sold for 30 ETH. The domain that was sold, “punk.eth,” was bought on Friday, July 16.

-6- Twin Flames

The Twin Flames resale market has been on fire recently. Twin Flame #99 was bought for 29.9 ETH this week. The Twin Flame project is one of the biggest photography NFT projects in the crypto space. The creator, Justin Aversano, started taking pictures of twins back in 2017 to honor his own twin that passed away in the same year. It’s nice to see a project like this with so much meaning to the creator take off in the way it has. 

-6- PleasrDAO

PleasrDAO has taken out a collateralized loan for $3.5 million with CREAM Finances, making it the first DAO-to-DAO loan in Defi. According to the announcement, “CREAM Finance has provided a $3.5 million credit line from the Iron Bank to PleasrDAO.” PleasrDAO has transferred 4 of its NFTs to a 2 of 3 multi-sig wallet. The NFTs include Snowden, Diamond at Dusk, x*y=k, and Apes Together Strong. The signers of the multi-sig wallet are the PleasrDAO multi-sig, CREAM Finance multi-sig, and Yearn Deployer.


Let’s quickly go through a couple of trades that happened this week. 

-1- Anonymoux traded Punk #4271 for a rainbow Pulsquares and a Framergences.

-2- Twin Flame creator, Justin Aversano, traded Twin Flame #75 for Punk #1234.

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