A Recent History of Fast Food NFTs

A Recent History of Fast Food NFTs

2021 was the year of NFTs, no doubt, with a number of existing brands trying their hand at issuing relevant NFT content. There is, however, a serious side to this all, which is the potential impact that NFTs will have on how companies—like fast food restaurants—will integrate NFTs into their payment, membership and identification systems. Although most of the content doesn’t rise far above the level of memes or fun collectibles, we’re not too far away from the day that NFT ownership grants access or privilege much like physical membership cards used to. Kids and collectors may one day look forward to collecting Happy Meal NFTs instead of disposable plastic toys or trading cards. Restaurants, too, will have their day. Gary Vee is leading the charge with his newest project, Flyfish Club, a members-only restaurant set to open in New York City in 2023, which will be accessible only through the ownership of an NFT.  

Below you’ll find a recent history of fast food NFT initiatives, which shows humble beginnings as art projects that slowly evolve into offering more, like rewards and membership. 


March 8, 2021 – @Taco Bell announces the launch of NFT Taco Art, which it describes as “iconic and original artwork inspired by our tacos at the easily digestible price of our menu items. Now fans can own their favorite tacos and hold them in their hearts and digital wallets.” All profits were donated to the Taco Bell Foundation.

March 18, 2021 – @Pizza Hut Canada announces the launch of NFT pizza art in the form of 8-bit Pizza Hut pizzas, including classic Pepperoni, Hawaiian and Canadian. 

July 23, 2021 – @KFC Korea and TriumphX marketplace announce a deal to develop NFT content. 

September 21, 2021 – @Burger King announces the launch of its 'Keep It Real Meals' campaign in partnership with celebrities Nelly, Anitta, and LILHUDDY. As part of the initiative, the company included QR codes on six million Burger King meal boxes, which unlock NFTs. 

October 28, 2021 – @McDonalds reminded the world of the ongoing relevance and importance of its McRib sandwich in a very serious press release announcing the creation of a limited number of NFTs in celebration of the McRib's 40th anniversary

November 15, 2021 – @Quiznos, in collaboration with Crypto.com and The NFT Agency, announces the launch of a series of NFTs featuring a collection of Quiznos “Out of this World” sandwich coins, created by digital artist @sameerbaloch.

December 16, 2021 – @White Castle announces its partnership with Doodle Labs to release a generative art collection to celebrate White Castle’s 100th birthday with a series of 5,000 NFTs designed by digital artist @cheyuwu345, famous for his Sail-o-Bots NFT Collection (aka Sea Ham) and his 1/1 artworks on Foundation. 

A number of other food brands, including Applebee’s, Budweiser, Dave & Buster’s, Dunkaroos and Pringles have also recently had their own launches. We’re past the tipping point. 

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