7 Effective Marketing Tips for NFT Projects

7 Effective Marketing Tips for NFT Projects

If you’re working on your own NFT project or are about to launch, then marketing is key. However, for many people, this part of NFTs is quite daunting. Where do you begin and how do you do this effectively?

1. Twitter Profile

Before you dive into any of the following tips: optimize your Twitter Profile. Create a nice banner, put your logo or artwork as your profile picture, write a good bio and add a properly-styled linktree.

A good bio formula for projects is inspired by its own lore. It tells you how many NFTs there are, where they come from (put some storytelling into place), and maybe mention the traits. If possible, then also mention the mint date and the project founders names.

2. Twitter Spaces

The first tip, shared most often in Twitter Spaces, is to join Twitter Spaces. Either as a host, co-host or speaker. Twitter Spaces are a great place to connect with others and build up relationships.

Feeling a bit nervous about joining any? No worries. Whoever you are, it’s always best to listen to a couple of Spaces before you do so. Get an idea of what Spaces are like and who the hosts are. We strongly recommend you first ‘go up on stage’ as a speaker before you start hosting your own, so you have a good idea of the mechanics and how to properly lead a space.

Twitter Spaces are happening every day. You don’t have to host them yourself to reap the benefits. Try to go from listener, to speaker, to host and co-host. Switch it up and try to be a co-host for others to mix audiences. This will increase your reach.

You can join general Spaces talking about projects and marketing, but you can also try to find some niche-related ones or start a niche Space yourself. For example about NFT anime, games, sports and so on.

3. Omnipresence

Twitter is important, but it’s not the only platform you’ll want to explore. Also think about Instagram, TikTok (which has seen a big shift in demographics lately, now also luring in many above 20), and maybe even still Facebook. We’d go as far as to say that, depending on your project, even Pinterest might be worth checking out. If you are in it for the long haul, then Pinterest can help a lot with your SEO.

You might also think about setting up a newsletter, doing some traditional ads and venturing out on YouTube. The more channels you are able to tackle, the better.

But if you’re a one-man or small team, then be smart. Don’t try to do everything. Figure out where the merits are the highest. These are likely: Twitter, Discord, and either Instagram or TikTok (depending on your project).

4. Social Media Content

Not only do you want to have a presence on multiple platforms, you’ll also want to strategically plan your posts. Make a spreadsheet, put in various types of content, and then start scheduling posts based upon that.

We recommend using a scheduling tool. Some famous ones are Hootsuite, Buffer and Later, but one of our current favorites is Feedhive.io. Easy to navigate, with AI writing powers and a lot of enhanced capabilities. Tweethunter.io is also great, especially for Tweet ideas and following popular topics. It’s an amazing tool to increase engagement by interacting with people on certain hashtags or within specific niches. You can try their 7 day free trial to get a sense of it.

The latter also lets you schedule tweets, but is unfortunately just for Twitter. So if you want just 1 tool, and don’t have money to invest in both, then we would recommend Feedhive.io first.

5. Discord Engagement

Once you have a bit of an audience, it’s time to work on your Discord. It’s here where people will really start chatting to each other.

Roughly, you could say that you use Twitter and other social networks to reach people, Twitter Spaces to build up meaningful connections with people you can potentially collab with, and Discord to engage, maintain and interact with your audience.

There are many ways to increase Discord engagement. Some include:

  • Polls
  • Games (you can download some, look up Discord Game bots!)
  • Fanart
  • Daily Questions
  • Share announcements and news related to the project
  • Giveaways (see tip 5!)

6. Tap Into Audience Creativity

Once that first audience is there, it might be a good idea for you to tap into their creativity.

You could for example host a derivative contest, where you give your followers a base template of your NFT’s visual, and then let them take their own spin on it. This type of contest got more popular recently and often yields great results.

Not only do you get FREE content to use to promote your project, you also get to tap into the followers of the artist who made the derivative. Sometimes these artists don’t have a huge following, sometimes they do. Important to remember is that every number counts.

Another idea could be to let your audience design your logo, put together your project’s jingle, come up with names for characters, or let them write your lore. You could even include them in the first stages of the design process and let them decide what your project is going to look like. But do make sure YOU set up the starting points - the boundaries, if you will - so that it does keep that authentic touch.

7. Giveaways and Collaborations

A growth-hack strategy and one that simply can’t be skipped in your arsenal: giveaways and collaborations. Right now, the whitelist giveaways are very popular. Not only are they a good way for projects to sometimes keep spammers out, they’re also an amazing tool to grow your own reach.

By partnering up with projects who have similar audiences or individuals who have an interest in your project’s niche, you can immensely increase your reach. These giveaways are often a barter deal; they do something for you, you do something for them. This makes them a cheap form of marketing that’s still highly effective.

If you manage to find the right persons to collaborate with, then this tactic will probably yield very big results. But do be wary of people who have a big audience that’s not your audience. You want to make sure interests are aligned, otherwise you’re going to end up with a bunch of people who don’t really care about your project. Flippers.

So there you have it! These are the best tips we’ve received over the last few weeks regarding NFT project promotions. Obviously, there are many more things you could try. But if you’re looking for a good starter kit of tactics, the list above should be of great help.

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