200 ETH GF

200 ETH GF

Overly Attached Girlfriend is one of the classic memes from 2012. The meme originated from a screenshot of a video called “JB Fanvideo.” Laina Morris made the video, and in it, she made a parody rendition of Justin Beiber’s single Boyfriend. It was taken by Reddit and quickly made into a meme, where it found itself all over the internet.

On Friday, Laina put the NFT up for a bid on Foundation for a starting bid of 0.05 ETH. The NFTs description said, “By owning the authenticated Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT, you’re guaranteed to never be alone again. Ever.”

The Buyers were 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio. They are the recent buyers of The New York Time’s NFT (bought for $560,000) and a TIME magazine cover (bought for $248,000). They seem to be a new up-and-coming force in the NFT market.

The bidding lasted for only one day but didn’t get exciting until the final 30 minutes of bidding when a bidding war started between 3F Music and Jakov_T. Within 30 minutes, the bid for the NFT went from 20 ETH to the final price of 200 ETH.

You might be thinking this was just a cash grab by another person trying to use their likeness for profit. But we see it differently, for years and years these people have had their faces on the internet not being able to make money off of their memes. But, NFTs have created a pathway for the monetization of these memes.

Like every week, we say NFTs are fantastic, and this holds true.

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