Zuckerberg’s WAGMI Chant is NGMI

Zuckerberg’s WAGMI Chant is NGMI

Worse Than War

This week I subjected myself to images of vile behavior amplified on a world stage by a despicable human being with no self-awareness. No, I’m not talking about Putin, and I’m not talking about Kanye West either, although both would fit the mold of awful behavior. I’m actually talking about Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, whose voice I’m fairly sure made my dog sick. She released a music video dubbed to the tune of We’re Not Going to Take It by Twisted Sister. As she put it, “Today I sing this song, surrounded by new friends, as a rallying cry for the women of web3,” and then she tweeted it out on February 28th, which I’m sure was close enough to Woman’s History month in her mind. I mean, honestly, art this good, why wait the extra day? 

A Lyrical Masterpiece

Let’s start with the lyrics. Fifth line in, “Carpe your crypto Diem,” rolls right off the tongue. I spend a lot of time on crypto and NFT sites, and I never heard this saying. It’s the only thing I ever googled where the results were: Go fuck yourself. My favorite line is, “We won’t get rugged if things go right,” which I can only assume is a reference to when she advised people on a project that didn’t go right. That pesky Pledgecamp that won’t go away despite not tweeting anything since April of last year.

The music video also features several cameos of women in web3. Not their voices…just their faces. I mean, it’s not all about them, right? Maliha, WomenRise; Lisa Mayer, Boss Beauties; Sara Baumann, Women and Weapons; Mai, curiousaddys; all are fantastic artists, top-notch developers, and the only people in the video who seemed to be on time with the music. Criticizing this video is not a knock on them or any of their work. I actually feel like I should apologize to them for mentioning that they were associated with this.

Crypto Mom Copies Crypto Bros

Here’s the thing. Crypto bros suck. They create an unhealthy space that’s not conducive to attracting the rest of the fiat population. Whatever this is, though, is not the antidote. It actually seems more like leaning into the bro-dumb. It’s also eerily reminiscent to when The Bad Crypto Podcast did nearly the same exact thing with the same exact song, two months prior to Mark’s twisted sister’s release. Additionally, there’s something about someone directly related to one of the wealthiest men in the world shouting WAGMI that kind of feels like a bunch of bullshit. Randi Zuckerberg has already made it. She’s more of a WAMI. No amount of shilling, failed past projects, or bad dance moves will convince me otherwise. 

Honestly, I was hoping to end the article here. How much can I really talk about a bad music video? Unfortunately, we’re not just talking about a bad music video. We’re actually talking about two bad music videos. Not even a full two weeks ago, she released a ballad about DeFi to the tune of Hello by Adele, which is foreshadowing that this is going to be her new thing and we should all get used to it. It’s also not her first time doing spoofs. Here’s her pretending to be your mom explaining discord. She even has a whole YouTube channel devoted to pretending to be your mom explaining NFT related terms. So let’s call this what this is. Cheesy at best, queasy at worst. A mid-life crisis, most likely. But a rallying cry for women of web3? Yikes. I hope the women of web3 have a say in that.

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