Yalda Eskandari

Yalda is an Iranian photographer that is interested in how figures interact with space, the structures of power and the role of the mundane in intimate spaces.

Yalda has been using photography since 2009 and has been involved in the NFT space since 2021. She has two collections on Foundation. Her genesis collection “A Projector Naturally Sheds Light Onto a Screen” depicts a male figure projected onto different surfaces of the inside of a home.

In the words of Yalda:

“The Precondition of reality is existence. Everyone is existing in a place by his or her subjectivity and history. So is there any place without subjectivity?

In this project, a male body has been photographed in combination with projected images. You are wandering through a place that can be defined as feminine or masculine with a body in it that looking feminine or masculine. If we consider this experience without any post-production as equal as a proof to reality, how can we trust the reality?”

For this ArtDrop Yalda has chosen a photograph from her most recent body of work (on-chain) “When The Curtain Falls.”


She says that these photographs explore the following. 

“The essence of categorization is to eliminate differences. Isolation is a defense mechanism to control the unknown. Anyone could have experienced it one way or another. Isolation can include a specific place, location or even gender. Similar to what happens to a suspected plant infection in a greenhouse which can be a sort of isolation. To prevent the spread of the virus, to control something different that can change the status quo.”

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