Hi I'm Graphanic and this is my second NFT. I started learning photoshop when I was 12 from youtube tutorials and trial and error, over the course of 8 years I shaped myself into a graphic designer. In the present day I make artwork because it gives me the ability to understand myself more and help me to navigate my experiences, thoughts, and ideas. I think explaining the art would take away from it as it's meant to be a subjective experience. It can mean whatever you'd like it to mean as long as it's your truth. What I will talk about however is the visual aspects of the art. The composition was created on a 3x3 grid with a focus on creating as much contrast between the elements as possible. I wanted the difference between the elements to be stretched as wide as I possibly could. The red strings/brain contrasts the cyan eye in the sky, the bright colorful sky contrasts the dark grey forest.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Graphanic here

True NFT degen and Redlion mascot since 2021. I really need a fix 🚬 man so dm me if you got some!

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