Yagamiii aka Juan Rosiles is a multifaceted multimedia artist currently based in Las Vegas. Although he is mostly self-taught, he studied Fine Arts with a focus on Drawing and Painting at Kennesaw State University for 2 years before leaving to pursue art full time. In fact, for the past 10 years Juan has been exploring concepts and ideas through various media, and has gained experience in both the traditional and digital arts.

When we asked Yagamiii where he sources his inspiration from, he said he tends to see art everywhere, it is present in his day-to-day life –

"I study my surroundings and am always feeling inspired to try things out. I’m motivated by my peers to stretch my hand beyond the canvas and see what ideas I can make come to life. I simply find joy in creating."

Although he’s trained in the traditional way of being an artist, he prefers making it digitally. Lately, he’s been teaching himself how to digitally 3D model and sculpt, which has allowed him to unlock a new realm of expression: “I love how your imagination is the only barrier in the digital world.”

The artwork Yagamiii created for Redlion is a story of exploration. 

In his words: it portrays “exploring both oneself and the universe around us. I was never an artist as a kid but I like to think that I just had a slumbering passion. This piece is related to the joy of being a curious young being, letting your imagination and dreams break down reality. To take risks and venture into new worlds despite any fear and concern. The innocence of just living and trying to make the best of it all. This piece is a testament to the kid in all of us!”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Yagamiii here

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