XCOPY Thriving

XCOPY Thriving

We recently covered XCOPY’s most significant sales. The artist has shown no signs of slowing down or losing value, having generated over 1,150ETH in his last three primary sales alone (setting aside the secondary sale of “A Coin for the Ferryman?” for 1330ETH). Although his art is now out of reach for the vast majority of collectors, the deep social commentary evident throughout XCOPY’s body of work has taken on an even greater gravitas with the new price floor for his 1/1s. The artist continues to shatter pricing expectations with each new release. Just five days ago, the artist listed “DECAY” on SuperRare. 

Within minutes, user @mullet placed an offer of 12.5ETH, which was accepted as an initial bid by the artist, triggering an auction. Following a number of lowball bids, a bid of 25ETH was placed by @redlioneye, followed by a bidding war between @pranksy, who came in at 150ETH and @starrynight, who came in at 269ETH. The auction didn’t live much longer, as @starrynight topped an intervening bid of 296ETH, winning the auction with 345.69ETH, for a total transaction value of ~$1.5 million USD at the time of publication. 

Notably, @starrynight’s win was followed by its massive purchase of ‘DANKRUPT’ last month for 469ETH. The fund has made waves within the world of NFTs in recent months, with its steady purchase of million-dollar-plus purchases. To say that Starry Night Capital is determined would be an understatement. 

To say that XCOPY will stand the test of time whose work will hang in whatever serves as the museums of the future would be prescient. 

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