Micah Johnson 250 ETH sale!

Micah Johnson 250 ETH sale!

From Asyncart feature:

Micah Johnson’s ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē is one of the first programmable artworks that synthesize artistic expression and call to action through his symbolic advocacy of two boys, Jacque and Rayden. A testament to the power of programmable art, the artwork documents two boys and allows its viewers to directly contribute to their cause.

At first glance, ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē is simple in its presentation: an astronaut stands on one side of an aged white door across from two boys, Jacque and Rayden, in a field. Every year on the boys’ respective birthdays, a Layer change reveals what each brother wants to be when they grow up along with a bitcoin wallet that anyone can contribute to. This symbolizes the boys’ opportunities to achieve their dreams, the door in the center opening further outward each year.

When Jacque and Rayden turn 18, their figures disappear from the Master artwork and they receive access to their bitcoin wallets.

The astronaut on the left, a hyper-detailed replica used in some of your most favorite Hollywood films, is the only Layer that can be owned by a collector. This collector has the ability to reveal the astronaut or tease the viewers by choosing the state change that shows the astronaut removing the helmet.

Read a detailed blogpost about the artwork here.

"The artwork sold to reticent-seurat-8988 for 250 ETH!"


Congratulations to both buyer and the artist. The buyer, reticent-seurat-8988  seems to only be holding this artwork on this wallet.

We can clearly see the same person outbidding himself for a lot of ETH. Looking at the same address at etherscan.

At the time of writing the wallet holds only 63 ETH! Looks like a recent wallet with only 14 txs.

Let’s keep following the money

The wallet received 299.5 ETH from this address which is also a new address with only 4 txs and remaining balance of 163 ETH. This wallet received around 500 ETH 157 and 171 days ago in 2 txs as you can clearly see in the photo below.

oth from address 0x48B5....ef66 which has a balance of 0.000000188 ETH.
This address seems to be receiving funds and distributing them in other wallets and the last address that funded it big was 0xC333....F771.

Which is finally an address with real money inside 11,400 ETH and some more money in stable coins and alts.

Weird way to buy art for sure, maybe the owner wants to stay anonymous.
The impact this money will have on the boys’ lives will be great and we salute such a great and altruistic initiative.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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