Xcopy story

Xcopy story

On Wednesday March 24 2020, a new record was set on SupeRare. The piece 'Death Drip' by XCOPY sold on the secondary market for 1,000 ETH.


Who bought it?

The piece was bought by  4156, the same person who previously bought Ape Punk #4156 for 650 ETH. The piece was minted back in 2017 and is considered an OG to SuperRare. Back then, it was purchased for only 0.7 ETH by Jmahh. Talk about hodling! Jmahh made over $1 million just by holding onto the piece for three years.

his isn’t just a big sale for XCOPY and 4156 either. ‘Death Dip’, the latest record-setting NFT sale on SR, marks yet another considerable milestone for the SuperRare team, their platform, and the community as a whole.

This record sale helped make this the highest sales volume day ever on SuperRare. It is incredible how much it appreciated by.  

Of course it’s no longer just participants of the NFT space who are familiar with these once obscure crypto artists. Christies $69 Million Beeple NFT sale blew the doors off of all previous NFT sales records. Seemingly paving the way for more and more compartmentalized record setting action to follow. Even now, in the days following the ‘Death Dip’ sale, SuperRare volume continues to impress.

Who is XCOPY? 

XCOPY, the London-based crypto artist and enthusiast, is among the latest groundbreaking talents in the NFT space to gain significant recognition. He is one of the pioneers of the crypto art scene. In fact, his works were some of the first mints on SuperRare, dating all the way back to 2017. A time when people didn’t even know what NFTs were. Long before the cash grab of celebrities like Soulja Bitch.

His most limited edition works have all recently been scooped up on secondary markets, though some pretty awesome low count editions on Known Origin might still be available. You can also check out his Rarible drops as well as OpenSea listings.

One of his most interesting collections is the “lost” xcopies. These three pieces are survivors of a now-defunct Digital Objects platform where they were minted. Somehow, Opensea has been able to keep them alive. 


After this newfound success XCOPY is a shoe-in for the next Christie’s auction. It would sure be great for the crypto art community to have an OG like XCOPY recognized there!

We can't express just how important this sale is.

We love XCOPY for his dedication to the craft, his amazing art, and his true support for freedom of speech and expression!

We certainly are not the only ones interested to see which of the obviously revolutionary, long-followed crypto enthusiasts and artists get the attention we know they deserve next...

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