After an EXCLUSIVE chat with Rob, here is a summary of what was discussed.

It all started when Pak and Pablofr shamelessly started wash trading on Rarible, and Alex (Rarible top dog) decided to let it slide allowing them to continue.(The reasoning behind Alex’s thinking was that Pak is famous so he will bring new people to Rarible or make the Rarible brand to have better perception in people’s minds). Oh boy! Alex could not have been more wrong to side with them on that. They both were in it for a quick dollar, and the community of course abolished them. However Rob’s stance was admirable on that one.

What angered him from this whole thing was that Alex called Pak and Pablo first instead of him and others that helped build this platform. But he added that he let that go and move on.

Then there was the BK takeover.
According to Rob, they were using NFTs as another way to make ETH out of YFI investors by selling them Andre memes etc. He also pointed out that, instead of Alex distancing from the BK crew, he opted to make calls with them.

So basically he lost trust to the main developer loss of community engagement and took the decision to take out his earnings. It was also kinda a middle finger to do it like that which he owned when asked about it.

There was also another tweet that Rob interpreted as a wtf moment…

This whole thing sprouted an artwork based on Rob’s dump

However, the Rari price bounced up since then absorbing the hit quite remarkably.

So here is all the reasoning behind the nail-biting drama we all loved to watch unfold.

It’s actually hard to communicate with 140 characters or less.

It would be great if we could also have the other side of the coin and host Alex for an exclusive interview.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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