What’s up with the Rocks

What’s up with the Rocks

There are many versions of the answer to it. 

Which was launched first - WeLikeTheRocks or Ether Rocks? Blockchain does not lie. The contract on Etherscan shows WeLikeTheRocks and Ether Rocks were launched from the same dev wallet address in Dec 2017, the same month of the same year, but with only a day’s difference. The former was launched on Christmas and the latter on the next day, 26th.

About EtherRocks

Claimed as one of the first crypto collectible NFT-type projects, inspired by the Pet Rock craze of the ’70s, now packed digitally for the new era - could only be traded through their website etherrock.com, must use desktop and connect to a metamask wallet.

If you’d imagined there would be a deeper thought behind the similar shape rocks, you’re mistaken. As the developers themselves state: “These virtual rocks serve NO PURPOSE beyond being able to be bought and sold, and giving you a strong sense of pride in being an owner of 1 of the only 100 rocks in the game”. 

The cheapest ether Rock was seen trading from around 38 ETH two weeks back and since then the prices have been soaring. 

The latest price has been insane, as last Thursday, the cheapest Ether rock cost 730 ETH i.e $2 million as tweeted by etherrockprice.

The reason for owning the rock has evolved in a short span. What started as a status symbol of owning a historical NFT which launched similar to Cryptopunks is now seen as a part of investment too.

Tron Founder, Justin Sun bought a rock with laser eyes, one of the 100 rocks for himself. Buying into the hype?

While Ether Rocks keeps rocking the August sale of the NFT world, what’s really bothering us is not which was launched first, but, if the developer or its team is manipulating the market to bring  @weliketherocks onto the limelight when the EtherRocks’  prices were seen skyrocketing?

As far as we understand, WeLikeTheRocks had a bug in its contract which did not let people hold their NFT, it automatically relists the rock for sale when it is bought. The creator abandoned the project and redeployed EtherRocks the next day.

The debate is going on as to which of the rocks are original. 

Trevor McFedries, the co-founder and CEO of venture-backed tech company Brud and the FWB DAO, said he believes the NFTs sold at weliketherocks.com are the originals.

Celebrities like Logan Paul has also purchased the welikethrocks and are avid supporters of owning the “original part of the history”

The community that believes in the credibility of rocks bought from WeLikeTheRocks point out the mention made in the contract code. Notes in the more popular EtherRock contract point to the NFTs sold at weliketherocks.com as the original project.

Well, what is more, valuable or what is more legitimate is left to you. What we need is just an assurance that when the old NFT saw an astounding hype, its developer(s) were not manipulating to bring the spotlight on to the bugged version too.

Initiating a debate deliberately to make people buy into the hype is not organic and sustainable.

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